Horizon 5 will start receiving heavy negative content if online is not fixed

There is already content ready to be uploaded to social media which will technically break down the inadequacies of the current game’s networking components, describe exactly why Horizon 5’s online free roam is completely broken in it’s current state, and will force future buyers to make a real decision based on this information.

It would be in the developer’s BEST INTEREST to release information regarding this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Are you really trying to blackmail the devs? You’re cute. :joy::joy::joy:

“bEsT iNtErEsT” “As SoOn As PoSsIbLe”

You just made my day. Just release your “information”. Please. I beg you. I hope you have the social reach to even get people to see it. You are so funny.


I think they just made a “rant video” from the sounds of it. lol


The online free roam is objectively not completely broken given that I’ve been playing it just fine.


Ditto. 99% of my time (Just over 100 hours I think), and almost everyone I know (A few hundred players at the very least) have only had a few minor issues with the old “And now you’re at a dead stop” issue, and the odd Eliminator issue where people were invisible. I hardly think that counts as completely broken.

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I know the president of the united States and if the developers don’t fix every by tonight then I will call him and he was send all the devs to build the Mexican wall since they can’t make a Mexican car racing game

This is the single most moronic thing I’ve seen on a game forum in 20 years. I hope they ban your account.


Whats wrong with these kids? They (devs/publisher) don’t care! It was their biggest launch even with “broken” online, reduced content and so on. Christmas is coming so hurry up
Dont forget to update with link to the video here

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lol… even the multiplayer is not perfect this is the most successfull launch ever made. from this series. remember back in horizon 3 if u played it. we been a month without ONLINE PLAY. they will fixes stuff and it takes time. i enjoy the game even with bugs. just quit playing for cpls weeks then. lol

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I hope everything they have gets hacked and taken down permanently. This is totally inexcusable for a AAA studio under Microsoft studios.

You’re not better than the OP. Why do you wish bad on people, because of a game? Does it really dictate your life that much?


If I do a poor job for my employer, I get fired. Same standard should apply for devs that release and inept product


Yes, but wishing something onto someone is different than that.

I didn’t wish anything on anyone, aside from the devs getting fired. I said I hope they get hacked and all their work just gets erased.

As much as I’d love to see IGN and other gaming news websites that reviewed the game throw in some disclaimers and warnings for future buyers, these kinds of threats are just childish. Yeah, there are a lot of things that’s wrong with this game, but there’s just as many things that are great about it as well. As long as they keep fixing them and communicating with us, I’m happy.

Hopefully they’ll add Custom Adventures at some point and bring back checkpoint split times (gaps) though.


Casuals watch AR12 and don’t care.

You are all too tough on him, his game is broken, he wants it fixed, that’s just normal.


We’re continuing to work on addressing more items on the Known Issues list at www.aka.ms/FH5KNOWNISSUES

If you find something not listed please visit www.aka.ms/FORZASUPPORT to Submit a Ticket and we’ll keep you updated as new fixes become available.

Thanks again for all your helpful reports and support of Forza Horizon 5!

Here’s a protip, fire everyone in the dev studio since obviously they’ve lost touch of everything playgrounds have done over the last 20 some odd years. You guys are absolutely pathetic excuse for a team that’s supposed to be a AAA studio. How many people do you think is going to buy the next horizon after this dumpster fire? Think you’ll still be able to pull in 5 million users on launch day? How about sustaining those server populations? I’d almost rather play Fortnite then this parasite. And that’s really saying something.


FH3 was an even worse launch and FH4 was worse than FH5 but better than FH3. Why wouldn’t they pull such numbers again. You’re too dramatic. Maybe go outside, take a walk. If the game didnt work for you, get a refund. Enjoy your life. No need to get this upset over a video game. You’re not 12 anymore. Also, do you really think, that the devs really read that? They probably read the first sentence and then go: “Wtf is wrong with this dude?” and then stop bothering. They’ll more likely help a nice person, who treats them with respect, than a person who acts like a 10 year old spoiled child that can’t stay civil.