Horizon 5 achievements are not registering for me with Microsoft Rewards or XBox Game pass

Not sure where to put this and I have submitted a ticket but was wondering if anyone else who uses Microsoft Rewards and/or XBox Game Pass Rewards was having the same issues.

I have been playing Horizon 5 since it was first available and have accomplished multiple achievements each day since.

These achievements are not recognized as a daily achievement (50 pts) in Microsoft Rewards and are not counting towards the “get 3 achievements in Horizon 5” in Xbox Game Pass. Mine is still stuck at 0/3.

Are these working for anyone else here?


rewards is being phased out.

infact i dont think it tracks forza horizon 5 at all??

Thanks for the reply, DeadJericho, but I am not talking about the soon to be extinct Forza Tier Rewards, but rather the Microsoft Rewards system that has weekly, daily and monthly tasks that you earn points for towards gifts, etc through Microsoft, by playing microsoft games or. doing other activities using the Microsoft Rewards system. The XBox Game Pass rewards is another system of rewards that you can earn by doing daily, weekly, and monthly activities that involve XBox Game Pass games.

I’ve not had the issue with the daily achievements, but the get 3 achievements worked for me once the game was released to everyone on games pass yesterday. It didn’t work before then.

Thank you Darkmalow. I thought that might be the case. Did you get credit for achievements you already did in XBox Game Pass or only for those you did yesterday? Still wondering why the dailies didn’t work for me. Oh well. only 250 points.