Horizon 4, too avatar centered.

I love FH4 but I feel this new emote, clothing and seeing my avatar all the time really takes away from the experience. It´s really hard for me to imagine people designing this awesome racing game and thinking: you know what it needs to be even better? let´s put these avatar front and center and make them dance and dress up. It truly makes no sense for this franchise in my point of view and completely take me out from the immersion of feeling like a racer. To make matters worse the emotes are cringy, the clothes make me look like a clown and the avatars are bland at best and impossible to identify with at worst. I really hope you get rid of this in the future, perhaps put it in a first person perspective.

To whoever reads this, thank you for your time.


yes, all the essential things that were in FH3 Delete, but we have lots of things for children

This is forza or the sims?

I want to race in the types of competitions I chose, not change my clothes


I agree. I bought Horizon 4 to drive and race. What really [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] me is that the cosmetics are a prize in wheel spins, 80% of my winnings have been cosmetics and horns…


I couldn´t agree more. Winning emotes, clothing and horns deeply disappoints me every single time I see them on screen. Winning anything car related is better than anything avatar related. Uhh at the very least let me customize these boring looking avatars and if you´re not going to do that just take them out completely or hey let me wear a bandana over my face and sunglasses or helmets, racing gear! I don´t know what was going through their heads, fortnite?


Another useless thing made to bait more 12yo Fortnite players to come to Forza.
Another useless thing that makes forza more and more a kid party game than a racing one.

Every wheel i spin, it’s just the same stupid stuff over and over and over.
Judging by how the serie evolves, it might just be my last Horizon Game. I don’t think i’m the type of adult customer they’re looking for anymore


I like it. I wish the character models were better, that we had more control over customizing them, and that the clothing items were better. The emotes I could live without.


I think you should be able to opt out of them (i.e. I hate the emotes, just want basic idle animations). I don’t agree with clothing criticism, I think it offers amazing variety. I have rarely seen full RPG’s have more options in that regard, it’s completely bonkers how much stuff there is. And I found a look that looks nothing clownish at all. I would like more different avatars, though. They are really missing out on age options, I would like to play my 41 year old self or an old dude, not only younglings. Don’t age discriminate! :wink:


I agree with this, it is a great compromise that I would be on board with.

Okay, grampa! There will be Bingo in the dining hall of your old age home after found 4 of your prune juice and medications. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being serious, more options are always a good thing. The current selection of avatars are very generic, boring, and lack ethnic diversity. Whether I want to play as a half ton fatty trying to fit in a Renault Clio, hipster Santa, a drunk homeless person, Freddy Kreuger, look strong enough to toss a Civic at the sheep, an 8 year old that just stole a car, etc. I want the freedom and options to look the part!

I have to admit that while it doesn’t infuriate me to the same level as others I have seen I am decidedly “meh” about the whole avatar thing. I’ve set my Showboat to waiting and Victory to humble and that’s enough. If it’s meant to reflect me and my personality then that’s as close as it’s going to get. All this over the top dancing just isn’t how I (nor anyone I know) acts.

Any time a piece of clothing or a horn comes up on a wheelspin I just feel disappointment. For a start, why aren’t horns assignable on a car-by-car basis? I could probably have fun with them then, setting a horn to match the car personality I’ve built. I mean, who doesn’t want a General Lee replica with a Dixie horn? This one horn for all cars just annoys me though because it doesn’t make sense.

The only piece of clothing I really want to get is one of the biker helmets so I can cover up the face of the avatar that looks nothing like me, plus it makes sense to wear a helmet with the type of driving I’m doing.


Completely agree, specially the covering up the face part! Getting that biker helmet asap.


FYI you dont wear the helmet in the vehicle

Please just make this stuff go away. I have zero interest in the clothes, the dancing, the comments and the horns.

This detracts terribly from the game.


Exactly, I’m not interested in what’s on my body, it’s an irrelevant element of the game. I want to race. because that’s what this type of game is for


I commented on this over a month ago. From what I have observed, Turn 10 is responsible for this. Playground Games has been extremely successful with their Forza Horizon franchise, developing Forza horizon into the greatest racing series ever. Turn 10 failed with FM7, and is hoping to reclaim some dignity by taking complete control of Forza Horizon 4.

Instead of allowing Playground Games to continue their success with Forza Horizon, Turn 10 used their power as the overarching group, to inject some of their unsuccessful ideas into FH4. Emotes, clothes, horns? Who cares about this stuff in a driving/racing game. Just like the ridiculous Driver Gear in FM7 and their failed implementation of Forzathons. Turn 10 are re-introducing ideas onto a stable platform that is Forza Horizon.

Why are the special cars in Forza Horizon 4 called “Forza Edition” instead of “Horizon Edition”. That should make you think.

The only involvement that Turn 10 should have in the Forza Horizon series, is to provide the funding/resources necessary for Playground Games to continue their success.


I totally agree, the daft clothes and stupid dancing is just a ridiculous waste of time and ruins any immersion. If instead of putting their efforts into creating theses silly frivolities they’d instead worked on improving the FFB and physics it would have been a much better game.


You see in a race clothes and dancing avatars?
Then i play a another game or you a liar…

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Swap out the clothing for wheels please.


i like the clothes and i prefer getting them in my wheel spin rewards
i bet most of the people commenting here has not even completed the game


Then think about whether you have chosen a good game? maybe fortnite, the sims etc. is better for you.

Seriously, let them wear these clothes, but why in the wheelspin?

you destroy everything on which the good story of this series stood