Horizon 4 Carbon Bugs

Some of the cars as you know have many issues with their carbon fiber.
Zonda R. Cannot be painted Gloss Carbon. When painted gloss carbon it will be matte carbon but still retain matte carbons inability to change colors
Zonda Cinque. When painted matte carbon the car is matte carbon but, the hood, roof, and rear bumper are gloss carbon.
Centenario. Cannot be painted full matte or full gloss carbon. When painted matte carbon the body stays gloss but the rest of the car is matte carbon and, it is the same for gloss carbon.
These are really annoying paint bugs that were never in the game until now.

Aren’t those bits gloss carbon fiber regardless of what you paint the car?

Yeah it’s strange because no matter what you paint it those parts will be gloss unless the car is matte black. Really strange imo.

Huh. The Sesto Elemento also does odd things with the carbon fiber paint. Also, all the aforementioned vehicles have similar issues with the Kevlar paint options.