Horizon 3 Spec Laps

Back in the Forza 4 days I had a goal to drive every car in the game and post the lap times on Top Gear Test Track. I did only get past 100+ cars before I stopped doing it. Probably my drawback was that I started from the very slowest cars which weren’t too exciting to drive at first.

Now I’m back to the same thing in Forza Horizon 3. And this time I’ve started from the another end. So I’m working my way from S2 to D class by car type. Forza Horizon 3 doesn’t have too many good circuit tracks, but I’ve found Outback’s Figure Right Desert Circuit very suitable for the job. It has technical chicanes, tight corners, high speed corners and a long straight.

All the cars are driven fully stock without any upgrades nor tuning. Each car does two standing start laps from which the better time is recorded. Also the top speed at the end of the “pit straight” will be recorded.

I drive every car with a controller from cockpit view without TCS, STM or ABS. Gear shifting is done with manual w/clutch. In hidsight, manual w/o clutch or even automatic could have been better option to see true influence of car’s transmission. But I guess you can’t get rid of your habbits. Also I’m using a braking line as a reference braking point, so I wouldn’t be overshooting every other corner.

Currently I’ve driven over 150 cars. Altough FH3 PI system is very unbalanced with power upgrades and AWD swaps, stock cars’ performances seem to match surprisingly good for their PI.

If you aren’t interested in reading all that blah blah and are only after the lap times,


Car types driven:
Extreme Track Toys
Modern Supercars
Super GT
Modern Muscle
Retro Supercars
Rally Monsters
GT Cars

To go:
Super Saloon S1>
Extreme Offroad S1>
European Sports Cars S1>
Sports Utility Heroes A>
Super Hot Hatch A>
Asian Sports Cars A>
Retro Saloons A>
Classic Racers A>
Classic Muscle A>
Vans and Utility A>
Retro Rally A>
Offroad Buggies A>
Offroad A>
Retro Muscle A>
Hot Hatch A>
Modern Rally B>
Rare Classics B>
Cult Classics C>
Retro Hot Hatch C>
Rods and Customs C>
Classic Compact D>

You can also suggest the car type that I’ll be driving next.