Horizon 3 Forzathon LOLA

Hello, I have a Problem with the Forzathon, where you can get a LOLA Racecar. I’ve absolved this challenge more that 4 times, But I don’t ​get the Car as a reward. I wenn to a Friends and tried it as his XBox and at his it worked. But at ​Mine Not. I’ve chattet with an Microsoft employee, who told me to Write you that you can unlock the car in my achivements. I already bougt it from the auction house, But I still Want to get the one, i should get

You had to do it during the time frame that the challenge was on…not just whenever you want to

If you have the achievement unlocked (as in, you’ve completed it within the 48 hour time frame) then you’re entitled to receive the car for free, and T10 should be able to send it to you no worries.

If you did the challenge outside of the 48hr Forzathon time span, then you get nothing.

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I quick look at your achievements shows that you did not complete the challenge.

If you were having issues during the #Forzathon event active window, did you try getting help then?

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The good news for you if you missed out on the #Forzathon reward is that if you have enough CR, you should be able to find one in the Auction House for sale.

I don’t know the going rate for this car, but if you have over 1,000,000 CR you should have a good shot at getting one.


He has bought one on the AH before :slight_smile:

I put mine on the AH and it was bought out in 15 seconds for 1M CR, I’ve since seen them go for 7M

Hi thanks for your answers. Yes, I’ve done the challenge during th e 48 hours, and yes, I’ve completed it. Thats just the problem that I’ve done it, but my XBOX/Forza says I haven’t.

If it never registered on the xbox it looks like you didnt do it correctly on your console
Did you use your profile when you did it at your friends house…im guessing you didn’t since it hasnt registered