Horizon 3 Breaks Everyday

I am running a fully updated version of windows 10. I have an Intel Xeon 1650 (3.2 - 3.5Ghz) and an RX 480 (OC’ed to 1380Mhz). Everyday, when I go to open Horizon 3, it starts for 2 seconds showing the splash screen, then just closes, no error code, no error report, nothing. Sometimes it says “This game is not available on your account”…which it clearly is otherwise how did it get installed. Every time after I close Horizon 3 for the night and go to open it the next day, the cycle repeats. I have to uninstall one of my DLC packs, then go back into the windows store and re-install the DLC for the game to start. If I do it just does that 2 second and close cycle. I’ve tried restarted services, resetting the windows store, clearing cache, making sure there aren’t anymore updates to install. Nothing works besides uninstalling and reinstalling one of my DLC packs.

every day i have this problem!!!