Horizon 2 Xbox One Questions

Hey everyone! May be getting an XO, and have a few questions about the game.

  1. Can you do unlimited road trips? I know there is 2 finales, but can you keep road tripping after that?
  2. How is the replay-ability of the game?
  3. What happens if you lose a championship?
  4. Is there DJ commentary, specifically like in H1? If you don’t know, in H1 the DJs would talk about things in the Festival, or what was happening in the “studio”. Also - if not like H1, is there any at all? In the X360 version, they only talk when you get a new wristband/get the the finale.
  5. Are the radio stations repetitive? I know that comparing Horizon Bass Arena to XS it won’t be, or Levante to XS, but how about the other 3 new ones? Is Hospital, NT, and IL good, or too similar?
  6. How is the online side of things? Specifically online road trips, are they fun, or repetitive?
  7. Is this game that great? Honestly? What are the Pros? The Cons? In-depth please.

Please answer them with the number corresponding to the question so I know what you are talking about. Thanks in advance!

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I’ll answer what I can. Many of you questions are quite subjective tho, you’d get differing answers from different ppl. Here goes:

  1. In a word: Yes.

  2. It depends how much you like driving. My answer: Very!

  3. I don’t lose. Not to drivatars, anyway. Only a fellow human can defeat me :slight_smile:

  4. Yes, but not much more than FH1. They mention the weather, recent barn finds, and where the road trip is going. The DJ on the classical station speaks Italian, a nice touch.

  5. A little. Overall the music is loads better than FH1 (IMO of course).

  6. Online can be loads of fun, but is far from problem-free. Freeroam does away with lobbies, simply placing players on the map to launch events at their leisure. Problems can include: no one around, no one wants to race, or event spam (i.e. repetitive drag racing). Online Roadtrip is more consistent racing, but scoring is based on xp earned, not races won, which can annoy the more serious racer. You can win every race but lose the champoionship to a driver who did fancier stunts along the way. As always with online racing (in any game), wreckers and lag can be issues.

  7. Honestly IMO it’s the best car game since FM4. The blend of Sim and Arcade is just so; simply driving is a joy. The car list is good, and growing. The scenery is gorgeous- this game is drop-dead beautiful. Audio is decent, but some cars aren’t loud enough. Tire sounds are top-notch.

Final conclusion: A must-own for any XB1 gamer who is even remotely interested in The Automobile.

Pros and cons versus what? It’s not perfect, as there’s been a few things I wanted to see tweaked a bit, but there isn’t really a “con” to FH2. It’s a Forza. Throughout the entire previous hardware generation (360, PS3, Wii) and thus far into the current generation you can’t do better than a Forza game. They have no equal in console racing. If it says “Forza” on the box, you’re buying the best racing game available for consoles.

The only way I can see pro-and-conning this is if you’re into a specific style of gameplay; specifically, if you prefer circuits like those in Forza Motorsport games more than street and country racing. If you want race circuits and hate racing country roads and countryside, you won’t care for FH2. Otherwise, pick this up immediately.

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Quality of a game is in the eye of the beholder and there seem to be as many liking the game as there are cussing the game here on the forums.

As for Big Mek #7; I don’t think it’s the best car game, driving ain’t a real joy when you take into account all the loose pixels, weird bumps and dumb AI, the car list is good enough, the scenery is well executed yet leaves you wanting more to explore/free-roam. If I was to review the game, and compare it to FH1 or FM5, I personally would see FH3 come third in that list and certainly not the best game out there.

Why you gotta be snappy and rude alla time? You’re always telling folks off. Your opinions are valid and all that, but check the post under yours. That guy doesn’t agree with me either but managed to express that without being rude to me or the OP.

Sorry for being a bit rude myself; lighten up a little, won’t you?


I, unfortunately can’t be as kind as my fellow club member, B Wald. I have to be honest simple due to my feelings on next-gen Forza.

  1. Yes you can. You might be pulling your hair out after 30 championships, however. I was severely bored after the first 30 championships. The same 4 similar races over and over. Of course, as already said, it depends on your enjoyment of doing this style of racing.

  2. See answer to #1.

  3. Never lost to the AI/a championship. Wouldn’t know what happens.

  4. About the same as FH1 but I also shut it off in both games eventually.

  5. They’re more radio stations but the quality/repetitive nature of music is about the same as FH1, IMO.

  6. The online portion is…well…frustrating. Repetitive road trips (same courses as the single player), and extremely frustrating set-ups in regards to setting up a “playground game” (king, infected). You have to either play in road trips and hope "king and infected’ are included after a vote is done or go to online freeroam and hope others are interested in playing (of course, if you’re lucky enough to have friends that play the same time as you, you could set up a private online session). By the way, Cat and Mouse has been removed from the game. No one knows why.

  7. This game is beautiful. The car list is very interesting (Ram Runner, Rally Fighter add a fun dimension to this game). Sadly, this game feels hollow/shallow. FH1 was an amazing accomplishment considering the age of the console, and was a blast online. My heart is just not into FH2 as much for various reasons. I have the highest respect for Playground’s company abilities but can’t maintain interest for to long.

In conclusion, and knowing full well that Playground (and Turn 10) is a company full of very talented people, there should have been way more content and imagination put into this game for launch. I think they were capable of a lot more. The only reason I continue to play is to get achievements and the fact there isn’t much more that interests me on Xbox One.

On a side note, the map is about the same size as FH1 (with open areas). There’s about $30 dollars worth of content in this game but certainly not $60 to $70.

B Wald has pretty much answered your questions, however if you’d like an in-depth review of the physics etc then you can view this video: Forza Horizon 2 Review by Inside Sim Racing - YouTube

  1. For me at least the re playability is gonna be good for months to come, driver level can go way higher than the previous Horizon and there’s many more cars to come via DLC which I am looking forward to, many things to do with your club, friends etc. Although I liked lobbies in the first one, you had like-minded people who all wanted to race pretty much; and as someone has said for this game because of the freeroam aspect the host could keep choosing events you dont wish to take part in.

  2. If you like driving games and you enjoyed the 1st Horizon, this game would be a solid purchase, the graphics, map, features are all well done, championships and the way the AI matches your PI level means that you arent restricted to a certain class, they change as you wish. However the road trips become a chore (level 200+), and some people are experiencing issues such as freezing at certain points or losing their progress. I myself havent experienced anything except some slight engine hanging which seems to have gone for me now lol