Horizon 2 servers down

Does anyone know if this issue is being resolved or are the servers being shut down for good? I’ve been unable to access leadetboards, multiplayer and photo upload consistently for about 2 weeks now.

Worked for me this morning. Are you still having an issue?

It worked on and off all weekend. Today (1500 PDT) nothing. If they are shutting it down they should just say so. If there are not enough users left they should let us know. I am not a “gamer”. I bought the 360 specifically to play Forza 2. I have worked through the entire game so I bought a years worth of GOLD so I could race others. Sixty bucks isn’t going to hurt me but shutting down servers or even “benign neglect” should be told to their customer base.

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Just tried getting on the Rivals Leaderboard about 6:30pm EST, and still no luck. I was however able to access photoshare yesterday. I just wish Forza would issue a statement of some sort.

I was able to get on the ORT around 9pm EST, but the server seemed to be flickering. Every once in a while a message would come up after a race saying that the XP could be updated due to the server being unavailable. There were a handful of unusually long load times.

just be honest with us and we can decide whether to buy xbox1 or change to PS. This is unacceptable from a major US corporation.

Since I have been able to get on intermittently my very educated guess is the newest software build introduced errors. The simplest fix maybe to just install an older build. This unlikely to be a server ( hardware) problem. Software maintenance is not the sexiest job but take it from me when you try to fix a small problem sometimes you create a much bigger one, This appears to be what happened to Forza 2

I guess I should’ve mentioned that I am on Xbox One. Not sure if this is 360 specific, or not. But I have had no issues since Sunday.

Ah, maybe that’s the issue. I’m an old fart still playing on 360, and maybe trying to support both platforms at the same time is causing the problem.

yep that could be it. I bought the 360 when they had a promotion on Amazon this past Xmas. The Forza came with it. I built simulators in the 80’s and I am blown away by the current state of the art. I have become addicted to the game and its a better pain blocker than drugs. I wish they would just announce the 360 wasn’t going to be supported and I’d order up the new system. Otherwise the game seems plenty challenging for me.

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I agree! As an Atari baby, my mind is simply blown by what these things can do. Horizon 2 has proven to be loads of fun and is such a big concept that after all the game’s and personal achievements are completed, I’ve been having a blast just driving around the countryside and taking pictures of my 87 Firebird I’ve painted to look like Knight Rider. LOL! But I actually started on Forza Motorsport 4, and liked it so much I went back and bought a used copy of Forza Motorsport 3. While FM4 is visually sick, the simulation in FM3 is mind boggling and is still my favorite of them all.

Last night at around 10:30pm EST I was finally able to get on Rivals and Photoshare. I did not try to get on the ORT, but I’d assume that was up and running too.

Working fine now but it seems that there are very few players left. I have been racing the same guys all weekend. They have super tuned cars and are better drivers than me anyway. I cant get anyone to race in the “pure skill” challenge. I do find it unrealistic that you can upgrade a Mini cooper to beat a Lambo or a jag and that you can go flying across country faster than being on the track. Also the crashed don’t stay crashed. When we were building simulators crashes and mistakes took a toll. I guess it may be time to shop for FH3 or take the plunge for XB1 although the PS diving game looks pretty sick as well.

I played the first Gran Turismo on PS2 and was very impressed. I’d learned how to tune and drive on the Motorsports series, and when I tried Horizon, I discovered that very little of what I learned applied. Although loads of fun, Horizon is more of a gamer’s game as opposed to a racer’s game. If you prefer realistic physics and challenging A.I. opponents, and if you’re still running Xbox 360, FM3 and FM4 will be right up your alley.

Since I am a physicist ( at least that’s what my diploma says) realistic physics is the key for me. Do I have to buy an XB1 to run FH3 or 4 ?

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Nope, you don’t. Neither Forza 3 or 4 are backwards compatible, so the 360 is the only place to play those :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind we’re talking about Forza Motorsports 3 & 4, and not the Forza Horizon series.

Can you people tell if the servers are back for the 360 and Xbox One versions?

360 seems to be up. 12:45am EST.