horizon 2 servers down. new Zealand

Hello from new Zealand

Are the servers down? For the last couple of weeks I have not been able to gain access to any of the online content, multi player. Forza5 still works. Can only play the disc game. What is happening turn 20 or Microsoft. Very annoying. Thanks

Also.i am missing various achievements that i have completed.

maybe you have been banned for some reason

Im having the same problem

Social, Clubs, Rivals & Marketplace are all dim on the pause menu for me. I think it has been like this for the past week.

I have unlocked a few of the storm island achievements fine though.

i hope someone figures out how to fix it soon

I have the same problem I can’t get my drivatar money and stuff

Same issue here, also from New Zealand, my friend in Australia is playing online fine… what gives Turn 10?
Has been down for about a week.

Same here its been about a week now :frowning: .

I haven’t been able to use online features since last months car pack. All online menu options are greyed out. I haven’t been able to get the past two months of gift money, or free copies of the dlc cars. I have even tried all suggestions in these forums for trying to fix the issue (clear cache, delete local saves, clear secondary mac address, etc), last night I thought I would try reinstalling the whole game. Still no luck. In NZ as well.

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I had that problem last month but for only 2 days. But now everything is fine for me. I am in New Zealand. Who are your internet providers.

Online stuff is back for me today :slight_smile: How about everyone else above?

Mine also is up and running but it was nothing i did.