Horizon 2 seat positions, mirors, etc.

Hi all, the more I drive in this game/sim, the more I like it! But as I’m used to driving mostly Formula One via rFactor 2 and F1 2003 I have questions about the cars systems and how they interact with each other.
For example, in my BMW Z-80 which I drive in the cockpit model, I cannot make use of my driver side mirror. And under this condition I cannot sometimes see cars coming along side of the driver side of my car. The rear view mirror is very good, but it doesn’t allow views to solve this particular problem, among others.
I cannot find a solution anywhere except using the view stick to turn my head enough to watch what’s coming up from behind and on my side. Nor is the seat placement moveable as it is in most other real sims, allowing one to move the driver’s seat back enough so as to provide the necessary angle when needed. Thanx, and good luck to all!