Horizon 2 on XBox One Will not install properly

Disc Space Free: 236.4 GB 35.5 Used
It is not fully installed
Have Disc - matter of face this is my second new one
Region US (NC)
When HOME can only get to World Map,
Tune Setup TIRES ONLY - NO CARS, no nothing
Will not give me credits except on installing and reinstalling - I have 79,873 CR but only from re-installing several times
Does not count races finished - It’s 0 0 0 across the board
No Rewards eg: Finish in the rain- I have done several times but no reward
No Cars but BMW just one care but and downloaded 3 sets but will not show up - downloads cars offer no way to select
The task bar for cars will not go right or left
Have done all the BOOTs - Push button 10 secs - un plug - delete - changed to low energy
Even though this is a second brand new disc and the original was UNSTALLED several times including
the new disc. Nothing changes. I have not had any freezes to speak of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have over twelve(12) hours on this game, hoping something would unlock.