Horizon 2 on Xbox 360

I feel great disappointment that Microsoft and Turn10 decided to screw 360 players out of DLC and support for anyone who plays on 360. From the game having too many laggy glitches to the problem of the game freezing in multiplayer when changing a car. Come on Turn10, it seems like you are turning into the next rockstar games and screwing all your faithful players. Get your act together

The game is a backwards port that was sold at a discounted price from that of typical Triple-A titles upon release; for that reason alone, buyers should have anticipated some concessions being made to the game’s structure and support. Additionally, the fact that a port was even produced at all was quite a surprise in and of itself that, on the contrary to what you suggest, demonstrates Turn 10’s willingness to provide one last release on the aging console to those who have not purchased the Xbox One.

Now, I completely understand that you, as a consumer, are disappointed with bugs that could be rectified with follow-up title updates; however, expecting full-on DLC support is misguided. The DLC being produced for Horizon 2 on the Xbox One is of new generation quality standards. Expecting the team to render new assets in Xbox 360 form would likely result in double the work to push add-on content … not exactly a sound production decision.

With that, I suggest if you want to your message to reach Turn 10 Studios directly that you send your concerns to their dedicated email inbox at forzafb@microsoft.com. Here, on the forums, you are merely preaching to choir.

You are not a moderator.

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Mine was a moderator response? I provided some advice for contacting Turn 10 directly because I believe the poster has a legitimate gripe for the playability of the game. I was unaware you had to be a mod in order to provide such a reply nor was I attempting to swat them from the board with any sort of authority.

Interestingly enough, I provided information in a respectful response when no one - including any mod - had decided to offer in the four days since the poster made the thread. So, do we wait until a moderator responds to these threads or do so ourselves with hopes of not being admonished. I’d really like to know how these forums are now to function if they can’t be a peer-to-peer outlet of opinion and info and, instead, are supposed to be treated like a Q&A session with moderation personnel. If it is, indeed, meant to be the latter, you have a lot of catching up to do in threads that are looking for assistance and insight.

Well, your condescending attitude and sarcasm wasn’t the wisest choice and criticizing the moderation team is a no no.

Your post was a backhanded suggestion to someone that complained. One sentence at the end doesn’t change the two paragraphs beforehand.

Nice 21 edits by the way, it got worse with each one as well. I think that’s a record.

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I am not criticizing. I am sincerely asking.

You need to figure out a better way to ask or just stop asking.

Recommendation: The latter of the two.