Horizon 2 Demo Update?

Sooo I just got on the Xbox and popped open the H2 Demo, and low and behold it needed an update?

Can’t seem to find any info as to why or what was implemented?

Anyone have any info?

Was trying to figure out the same thing can’t find anything about it.

Also noticed this. Well… I guess I’ll be fiddling around with it to see if I can figure it out.

Well. I don’t know if it’s the only change, but roads are now properly slippery in the rain. I’m pretty sure there was no real difference between wet and dry traction prior to the update. I could be wrong.

I could a definitely feel a difference before the update, not a big one, but still a difference.

I haven’t played the demo since the update though.

Interesting. I’ll have to try it again and see if I notice it as well.

Friends drivatars are now in the races and generally driving about, haven’t noticed the physics have changed at all in the wet still feels grippy to me.

Leaderboards that pop up for things like roads driven, boards found etc.? I haven’t noticed those before…

I had friends in it before, but I’m not sure about leader boards other than the speed cameras. I had pop ups for the speed camera LBs before the update though.

Same for me.
Friends drivatar in races (I did not notice them when I played on 17th)
Leaderboard pop up for road driven, boards …
Post race rivals are now giving priority to friends. On 17th, I had to rival with unknown players. Maybe it is my mistake and my friends only played the demo between 17th and today

Still no way to skip intro videos

I was hoping for additional events :wink:

The update is likely for the actual game but because of what it changes, it also applies to the demo though you might never see what it does.

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All this stuff was there already, they most likely just didn’t appear because your friends had yet to play properly.

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My friends were not in the demo before the update and they had played it the whole day before me, but now they show up in my races and leaderboards.

My mates were in the game before the update so it can’t be that.


My races were filled with friends, mods and T10 staff. So everyone on my FL. That was before the update too.

The updated changed the handling quite a lot, it also balanced the Credit Bonus in the Difficulty menu. That’s all I found, and it probably wasn’t meant for the demo but the full release of the game.

If this update has put my drivatar into the game of those of you not previously so plagued, my sincere apologies.

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I am not positive but before the demo updated I couldn’t turn the radio off, now I can

You could turn the radio off pre patch.

This feature might of been there before the update but i’m not sure as i’ve only just discovered that you can view the telementry, did anybody else know about the telementry before this update