Horizon 2 companion relaxed roadtrips people request :)

Hello everyone, I’m CoatedLeader063

I have horizon 2 for a few months now, it did crash so ihad to start over, but still I’m loving it so far. I have one issue though, always when I’m on online road trips I get the most annoying players. They race a race, then they race to the new event, and then another race (where most of them crash into me when they are not getting their turn right) I think it should be relaxed and I’m actually searching for some people who do not crash into me all the time and who do not go on a roadtrip just to be the fastest. Maybe some people who are willing to voice chat and make some youtube videos. Also it would be cool if some of you got storm island and can cruise around there. Anyways if you like anything I said or understood it. You can message me and ill add you to play the game…

-AeroBlades, Xbox: CoatedLeader063

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Friend request coming your way. Me and my friends all do this. I’m hoping to have a friend list where I won’t need public lobbies for some high car number group racing and cruises.

Hey im so down with your idea…I hate random annoying noobs and need friends on xbox one since i just got it 2 days ago…been a huge racing fan my whole life and i am a thrill seeker and love to go fast and race absolutely clean and fair. I d love to drag, do rolls, cruises and car meets. Add me in game…Ppatel0591

I would love to do this with you guys! The idea of having a crew that isnt full of noobs and people who drive as fast as the speed of light at all times is awesome! I love drags, rolls, cruises, meets and races. I race clean and fair and need some friends since i got the game 3 days ago. I have a sick car collection and def have a need for speed. And im a huge GTR fan as i have one in real life and would be so down to be friends with people who love them as well. Add me in game: Ppatel0591