Hoppers not showing - Multiplayer not opening [PC]

Why my multiplayer is not working? I bought a key, activated, downloaded and installed the game on microsoft store in windows 10.

I can play singleplayer and all works but everytime i try to go to multiplayer nothing happens. It tries to connect but after a few seconds i always get “disconected from live” or “multiplayer not available at the moment”. Never seen a lobby or hopper list or anything because of that.

I contacted the key-seller, my isp and microsoft and i also asked here for help some weeks ago but nothing. microsoft told me to contact turn10 here on the forum because everything my isp and microsoft tried didn´t help. I bought a new router für 200 € because i thought this will help but no. it is so frustrating that it seems no one from turn10 is interested in helping here.

What should i do now?