Hopefully the soundtrack is more like 3 and 4!

Forza 3 and 4 had some of the best racing game soundtracks ever!

I hope Forza 6 is more like them, and less like 5. 5 wasn’t bad, but 3 and 4 were SOOO GOOD!



I love Gran Turismo’s longue music for its menus; I wish Turn 10 would compile similar tracks and put them on rotation to mix up the menu experience. When you look at your stats, it really is quite amazing how much time is spent off the virtual racetrack, but it makes perfect sense considering time spent buying and looking at cars, upgrading and tuning, painting, etc.

Aside from the menus, the sounds of the engines are all I need.


I even noticed that change it to holiday themes around Christmas. That was a cool touch.

Yeah while T10 have surpassed GT’s gameplay PD are still the masters of the soundtrack! Forza 6’s soundtrack was soul destroying after the uptempo DnB in GT5.

Since you know the future is there anything else you can tell us?

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I have never been bothered with music in Forza,the cars themselves make all the music I need. I have never seen a race car with a radio anyways!

Do you never spend any time in Menu’s? A game like Forza i would of thought you spent plenty of time in them? Or do you play exhaust and engine noises through your stereo when the menus come on lol

My thoughts exactly. Maybe the sound track should disappear from cars when any weight reduction is performed


Greatest intro song ever. I feel old.


A moment for the history books: DUST2DEATH and I agree on something.

There are no engine sounds in the menus, REX.

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Yeah I know Shadow,i try to spend as little time as I can there,lol.

Doesn’t quite match this imo, I was a little too young for GT2 though Feeder - Just a Day - High Quality Version - YouTube

GT2 used a remixed version of the original. Its intro was way better than GT3’s. To be fair though, GT3 was the last of the turismo’s I played. Ahh memories.


Hmm … hadn’t heard that version. This is the one that’s on my copy of GT3.

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I find FM5’s soundtrack overly dramatic and it wears thin on me pretty quick.

Preferred the more relaxed tunes from 3 and 4 too.


Why do not use the USB to let us to insert the musics we want . It is easier and can satisfy all the people.

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Turn 10 has no hand in this. Please reference this thread for information regarding an Xbox One Media Player.

Agree with The Shadow Edge, PD KNOW how to put good music in their game! FM4 and FM3 had good music too! FM5 was a let down in total! Hopefully FM6 will have better music!

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Are you the same person who posted at GameFAQs?

I’ll just copy-paste my reply.

“Post a list of the music you think would make an awesome soundtrack. It will suck for most players. You will like it, the next nine will hate it.”

No music appeals to everyone. For example, I read posts praising GT soundtracks, but I recall hating GT5’s music. I’ve seen praise elsewhere for Horizon 2’s music, but I hate that, too. I don’t want dubstep, techno, electronic, or whatever. What appeals to you won’t make me happy.

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