hope the music will be better

the radio song choices in horizon 4 is absolutely horrible there’s literally not a single song i enjoy for the love of god please put someone in charge that actually has good taste in music

even the song choice for the Horizon 5 trailer is really poor i really don’t understand what the devs are thinking like do you not hear this ? horizon 3 had the best songs and remains the best trailer that’s how you do it right


Hey! Timeless had some awesome songs! But yeah there wasn’t a single other station in 4 that I could stand listening too, and mostly played with the radio off. While I do hope for better song selection this time around, I also think spotify integration solves any and all potential issues with various tastes in music.

I do have to agree about the trailer though. 5 was easily the weakest, while 3’s trailer transcended advertising status to become a work of art. Still gives me chills to this day.


3’s trailer is the best game trailer I ever saw. 4’s trailer was also 5 stars.

5’s trailer is rubbish. 1 Star for music, I can’t give 0 stars. But a censored soundtrack is ridiculously stupid. In fact should get a negative score for giving out negative vibes.


I hope you’re listening to this, Playground!

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I liked some songs before they were censored. But the gaps made them intolerable.

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Spotify integration.



I wonder what new stuff Hospital Records has on their sleeve. And I really hope music from Lone (perfect for Horizon Bass Arena) would be added, so that at least I would appreciate the soundtrack even more.

To each their own. I really hope they keep Hospital Records radio and perhaps even add an Anjunabeats (progressive house & trance) or Anjunadeep (deep house) radio.

I hope for a future classic comeback. I always loved to listen to future classic in FH3

I would like it if the just allowed us to point it to a directory filled with MP3s. Grand Theft Auto allows this, and even Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed allowed this 20 years ago.


You can on the XBox One using the USB app.

Admittedly I do feel Hospital Records Radio was a bit meh in Horizon 4. Sure, it was cool that they got all those brand new tracks together, but they all kinda blurred together into a drum and bass backdrop without really standing out. Horizon 3 and 2’s HRR was vastly better and much more varied, made each track punch so much harder. Especially in Horizon 2 which pretty much spoiled us with how outstanding the Hospital tracklist was

Yeah, I agree with you. FH2’s Hospital radio was the best in my opinion, then FH3 followed by FH4.

Something else I just thought of (I don’t usually think of this because I race with the radio off) is that they need to go back to the style of radio in three, where the song played out, and if the race lasted long enough, a new song started. Having one part of the song on repeat was beyond annoying.

All of the music in 4 is just horrible. I tried doing ranked adventure for the first time last night and I never want to do it again because of the music that plays during the long loading screens that you can’t turn off or turn down. It’s not even music, it’s psychological torture. And I have this awesome stereo of my own sitting right for me to play music if I want to.

You can put on Streamer Mode which turns off the music in loading screens. Only sucky part is that you have to enable it every time you load the game.

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I didn’t really mind the song choices and liked quite a lot of them, but I hated the completely over the top censoring. Some of the words that got censured were ridiculous and ruined a lot of the song choices. I used to listen to pulse a lot but so many of the songs got so needlessly censored that I can’t stand to listen to it anymore


I can’t stress how much I agree with you on this; it’s supposed to be a music festival, not a daycare. While I get Forza want’s to be inclusive as possible even a 10+ rating would be so much better. I do miss the feeling of Horizon 1 being a place you believed could exist. A music festival is supposed to be loud, brash, sexy, and a little on edge, I wish we could get back to that but I know it won’t happen.


I didn’t mind Pulse / Bass Arena music before it became repetitive, although it’s all teenage girl and hipster music to be sure.

Usually if I want to listen to music while I play, I’ll just turn on the city pop live stream on Youtube in the background. That’s one of the advantages of playing on PC.