HOONIGAN bel air race tires glitch.

Upgrading the bel air I was going to go with the race tires, until I saw that they actually subtracted grip. I’m going out on a limb here and saying it’s not supposed to be that way…

Perhaps its default tires are special high grip drag tires…

I think it’s that the standard race tyres are drag tyres, but since the game registers the grip rating for the trye compound by cornering grip, it would rate the standard race tyres lower. I also noticed that the hot wheels race compound have more grip than the standard race tyres, which doesn’t occur for any other cars that I am aware of.

I noticed that too and I am inclined to agree with you. More testing is needed… not it!

This is probably coming down to your build on all these differences. As the posters above noted on their car the hot wheels tires have more grip over regular race tires and another stating race have less grip … I have the gasser built as rwd with the 6.2 V8 S1 w/cage …even if I build mine with rwd 4wd or any engine for my car the race tires have the most grip over all tires even more than the hot wheels tires … the hot wheels and regular race tires have equal launch and accel both higher than the other tire types and the braking is superior in the hot wheels tires vs any other .

I will try a few other parts swaps to my gasser later to see if I can replicate the tire stats changing to the above posters stats since as built mine are showing opposite .

After trying several swaps the only changes I see are the race tires and hot wheels race tires will either be equal in stats or one or the other will be .1 higher or lower than the other race tire depending on supercharged or turbo and engine used but the hot wheels race tires are always higher on braking in my stats but I have yet to have any combo that race tires are less in grip than not upgrading

More testing from me shows that the standard race tyres are drag tyres because they by far have the most straight line grip, and the hot wheels race tyres are what would normally be expected for the race tyres to be like, because they have the best cornering grip.

I’m going to have to agree I think the regular race tires are drag since I can low rpm launch this car and ride a wheelie on the back bumper through 2nd gear no problem … not so much with the hot wheels tires

The telemetry shows the regular race tires on my build being 1.0 seconds slower to 60 and over 2 seconds slower to 100 than hot wheels tires … definitely not the case 22.5 drag rwd and 23.0 rwd w hw tires