Honda Legends Car Pack - No longer free?

Hello guys,

I finally got forza 5 yesterday after all the years playing forza 2,3 and 4. I was going through the car packs and I encountered a car pack which is free (HONDA pack) I also have friends who have downloaded this item free which Turn 10 claims it to be.

It could just be me, but if anyone else could check, the car pack is stating thats its £3.99 on the game itself and on the xbox store. Im thinking that the fact I downloaded forza 5 on a code and dont have the physical game itself might be a problem but surely not, its a free car pack at the end of the day. It says FREE all over it until you get to the part where you download it, charging £3.99.

I would appreciate if anyone could get back to me on the matter, thanks guys.

I think there is a problem. I just purchased Forza 5 on July 2nd 2014 and I too keep getting a price ($4.99) when trying to get the DLC even though it says free under the car pack section. Is this an issue that needs to be fixed or is the Honda Classic car pack no longer free?

time traveler!

i just went and checked and it says in the description “Free Download!..”
hopfully this gets sorted out for you guys so you can enjoy some FREE cars!

this must be recent, I got this game at the end of june and it was still free.

This must be a recent error with Microsoft’s server which sometimes does happen. I’ve had the game since Launch and the car pack was initially released as a free download. I don’t believe having a physical copy of the game or a digital download will make a difference in the pack as it did come out sometime later then the game

Some game demos are also being charged. It really must be an error.

Contact Xbox LIVE Support. They’re the cones who control the DLC stuff. Turn 10 has no control over the pricing, etc., it is the Xbox system.

Turn 10 (USA-based company) is on a three-day weekend for the Fourth of July celebrations.

I think there may be a giltch on the Xbox One store. Apparently, the UFC14 and FIFA 14 DEMOS have been made to cost $4.99. Whether this is typical EA rubbish or a glitch I don’t know but it may be related to your error.

As I previously said, it is good on things like this which is in the Xbox LIVE domain, to check with Xbox Support related to “free” or already purchased items.

Word on the Xbox Support website:

Downloading items that you have already purchased.

“Xbox members, we know some of you are unable to watch television seasons that you’ve already purchased from Xbox Video, and we’re diligently working to correct this issue right away. We appreciate your patience during this process and will update you again when we have more information.”