Homologate Formula E

In career there is a section for Formula E, to participate you need to homologate your Formula E car before you are allowed to start the race. But when you homologate the formula E car is says it is already homologated. But when you click start race it says you have to homologate your car. When you annul you go back to the race start options screen, when you press ok, you get asked to homologate again, if yes, it say the car is already homologated.
You cant manually homologate the car either, so there is no way you can do the championship.

And seriously, the Formula E homologated class has to be on sport tires instead of race tires??? I hope a bug and not a design choise. (Below RichWard25 pointed me to the fact that de Formula E is driven on threaded tires, so hereby I’ll eat my words and applaude this design choise!)

Either way, I am on a standard xbox one.

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try go to tuning and click the button to load or save tunes, click the bottom one saying ( revert to stock part? ) maybe after that go to the event and homologate?

Gonna try that.

I have tried multiple times to install Stock Parts, Homolgated Parts and everything else, but it does not work.

Also, it just seems to be the #11 ABT that has the problem. I bought the Jaguar and no such problems.

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It is indeed the #11 ABT that you get as a lvl up price that causes the problem.

Formula-e cars run on treaded tyres and not racing slicks, so making them run on sport tyres makes perfect sense to me.

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Unfortunenatly you are right and I will now eat my words…:slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how did you get the #11 ABT? I notice it’s not available for regular purchase.

It may be a level up reward. I saw a formula e car in there and chose not to take it.

I had this issue the other night. Stumbled on it when I noticed it said one car available, I wanted to run it but got the endless upgrade, already upgraded loop. I noticed the rating of the car as is is slightly lower than all competition in the particular race I was first trying to use it in

Spent about a half hour with this car this morning. When at the start race screen, the grid are all s748, while this car is s724 homologated. There are a few things I could change, but only front tire increase it to s726, other parts either lower it, or make it ineligible for the class. The tires cost me 1600 credits to try, but when clucking race, it still wanted to homologate it, but that just sets it back to s724, and no way to start the race.

What’s up with this?

Hello everyone, not sure where to put this… but i’ll just post it here.

The car in question is this one

I did also notice before selecting this car in the car collector in-game said it was a forzathon/specialty dealer/etc car which was odd, but neat to receive it as a driver level reward. ( level 68 it was ) I could select it to enter the Formula E races. But the car at default doesn’t meet homologation to even beable to even start the series race. Though I could start the Formula E races easily with every other Formula E car I could of purchased from the dealer.

I just hope more cars are not like this one.

I just checked. You are right. #11 is only gained through milestone rewards and has a lower pi than the other cars, which makes it imposible to use in a race. It’s probably just an oversight.

Try changing the rims to different weights to see if the PI comes into range.

I didn’t notice the PI is the lowest on it. That’s interesting.

I tried changing wheels, tried lightest and even the heaviest on option. Even widening the fronts, because rears are to restriction. Same result, it would say “homologation unsuccessful” and requests to default the homologation. If I do this, it does homologate it to default parts, but then say car doesn’t meet the requirements.

Xbox One S console application - I just tried to use the Formula-E #11 ABT Schaelller Audi Sport FE02 in a single player lobby, and it won’t load. It asks me to homologate the car, which I do, but then still won’t go to the environment. So far all of the other Formula E cars I have tried will but this single car for some reason will not. Which…sort of sucks because it’s the ONLY one I want to race being an Audi. I was going to delete and reload the car but is says it is an Exclusive Reward Car and I may not get it back.

Anyone else have a car that does this? Just another example of a problem in the game.

Patched as of last night.

I agree… I’ve said this before T10 did not pay any attention t setting up the game… Formula E car run Race Tires only… This game should allow improvements for Brakes, Tires, and suspension upgrades s a person can tune the car for handling at least.

If you used the #11 ABT, it won’t work. I used the #28 MS Amlin ATEC-02 and it worked fine. Try using another car if you haven’t.