Homestead forced braking

100 laps @homestead formula 70’s. 23 ai pro difficulty, no abs stm tcs. Manual transmission. Driving 312 t2. Using both a controller and a wheel the car would slow down automatically 3/4 around the turn mostly turns 3 and 4 but some times 1 and 2…help?..pls try to fix?

Surely that just the laws of physics and the power curve. Its the car bogging down under load, as the power tails off and the track changes radius. Its not enforced braking.

Only does it some times…can take a lap flat out if it doesn’t door…it’s like it’s acting like I am taking short cuts…that kind of forced braking…go from 175 down to 160 even dropped me to 130 once…it’s not laws of physics. I know when a car is bogged down. A 70s f1 on homestead oval doesn’t bog down due to physics.