Holden Sandman Undrivable

One of the nicest driving cars in Forza Horizon 3 is completely undrivable in Horizon 4. The car must be used for certain trail races, yet slips and slides with any kind of acceleration. I’m not seeing the point here. Reading other posts, it looks like Playground really messed up with the controls this time around. Worked fine in Horizon 3, why go and mess things up this time around? My G920 wheel is basically useless for most races now. Oh I do hope the devs read this forum and fix this game.

Stock or upgraded?

Stock C class. I mean it isn’t even fast and it slides all over the place like it’s on a sheet of ice. I know this game is not meant to be in any way realistic, but at least they should allow us to actually drive. Especially if they force you into a specific car where the AI has no such handicaps of this ridiculous physics scheme they have set up.

I’d agree with you using a wheel - I recently got a G920 inc. pedals and shifter and find FH4 pretty much unplayable, not just the Sandman. I have no problems with controller, so go back to FH3 when I want to use the wheel. Such a shame that it’s gone so wrong this time round…

The stock tires are junk. Make it B700 with Rally tires then try it again.

Try my tuning, easy to win seasonal champ.

Gt: “Tato 790709”

I did a basic rally tune last night, and it worked fine for me. And I don’t even know what I’m doing in the tuning window half the time.

Beats me why this car has no options for wide tires.

Especially when it is the cover car for the previous game and was the draw card to attract new Australian players by offering them their classic icon in the promo.
Really unfair as an Australian who only bought the game for this car, hoping they fix it at some stage so I can race in it and actually have some fun with it.

At least they fixed the paint for FH4 (previously couldn’t cover sections of the roof in vinyl) now it at least looks good.

My therapist is helping me through this difficult time :slight_smile:


I used it stock and had no problem with the championship, maybe a little better acceleration control? (I also just got done with the hot rod challenge in winter using a stock hoonigan bel air and laughed the whole time I was doing it, apparently the computer cant race rear wheel drive cars in the snow. they missed quite a few checkpoints.)

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Is this only an issue with wheel?

I used it stock with controller and had no issues.

I tried it stock with both the wheel and the controller. Of course much much more difficult with the wheel. The force feedback was laughable. I would slowly accelerate and take my hands off the wheel and watch it go back and forth over and over as the car fishtailed all over the place. With the controller it’s a matter of always applying opposite pressure as this car constantly wants to fishtail. Acceleration control was not an issue… I’d try barely touching the accelerator to get it up to speed and once it started moving off it went in its fishtail. Laughable that the AI can slam the acceleration and take off in a straight line which basically makes racing against these opponents impossible. All you can wish for is to catch up and hopefully finish middle of the pack.

I didn’t have much trouble with it stock, although it’s D class when stock. I don’t usually have a problem with stock tires on-road up to the top of C (I have to keep the tires stock on various cars for the whitewalls). It’s heavy and a little rear happy, but manageable.

@Tato 790709 Just tested your tune. Much better! Thank you.