Holden Sandman Paint Request

Calling all pro painters. I have a new idea for the Holden Sandman but my painting skills aren’t anywhere near to what I need to execute it. An artist by the name of Dr. John has an album called Creole Moon, I was wondering if anyone wanted to take a stab at recreating that on the car. Dr. John's Creole Moon. Hopefully this link works. What I was thinking is to have the graveyard scene on the side and the panel portion could have the album. The character (if you’re up for it) could go on the hood of the car. As for the voodoo symbols, a ribbon could go on the bottom of the car. Thank you for listening and I look forward to seeing the results. http://chris-hill.co.uk/forzacolour.php
One more thing, please use the above website for accurate colors. Thanks again and happy painting.