"Hold Your Horses" Treasure Hunt will not progress passed first stage

I cannot get the challenge to progress no matter what I’ve done. I’ve tried 5 different Mustangs that I own, 4 of which I’ve seen people use in YouTube videos.

I’ve done speed traps, speed zones, jumps, trailblazers, and drift zones, none of them progress the challenge on to the second stage.

I’ve also tried both Horizon Solo and Horizon Life, pumping about 50 stars worth of PR stunts in both, and no possible way to progress the challenge to the second stage to spawn the chest.

Highly annoying as this one is also tied to achievement.

Any tips on anything that has worked for other players? I see most people aren’t having an issue with this.

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I went for the safe option and usd the same car as shown by the playlist tile and pretty sure I used the jump at the end of the highway. Worked first time with no issues.

Yeah that car was in the list of ones I tried as well. Thank you for the idea though!

Did you manage to complete it?? cause same thing happening with me.