Historic Road Racing Homologation Hot Lap Challenge & Tuning Comp at Road Atlanta (Results In)

Face it the A, B, C classes are dead and rivals are worthless without time-attack but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with FM7. We currently have a Historic Road Racing “Homologation” Hopper with leader boards that are buried in Free Play or accessible through the multiplayer lobby. What we need are good cars and a populated LB, so……

Cross posted in both the Tuner’s Garage and Racer’s Lounge is a challenge:

Historic Road Racing Homologation Hot Lap Challenge & Tuning Comp at Road Atlanta

  1. Tuners get one week to submit a homologation build/turn
  2. Drivers get one week to attack the LB and dominate the lobbies with said tunes
  3. Winners
    Driver – Fastest on the LB with one of the supplied tunes (clean lap)
    Tuner – Owner of the fastest tune.

Track = Road Atlanta Full (Why? Why Not? In previous Forza’s both power and grip builds have been competitive so it should be interesting)
Eligible Cars= Historic Road Racing in accordance with homologation restrictions (i.e. eligible for multiplayer)

Only one entry per tuner on a first-come first-serve reservation with a maximum of two entries per car. Tunes must be shared and posted in the Tuner’s Garage thread by midnight GMT 13 Oct with “RA-HLC” in the description.

Times must be posted to the Racers Lounge thread and viewable on the LB with one of the supplied competition tunes by midnight GMT 20 Oct.

Prizes = PRIDE
(at least until someone sponsors the event)

Additional provisos:
Tuners – along with your tune submission you are required to post at least one sentence describing something you learned about tuning and/or building your submission.
Drivers – along with your time submission you are required to post a review of the tune. Reviews and times of any and all tunes that you tried are also encouraged.

Tuners - Reserve your favorite car before someone else does…. GREEN… GREEN… GREEN,

Tuner’s thread

RULES AMENDMENT #1 - The following cars have been disqualified on account of the fact that they are not generally available to the public:
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport FE
1969 Dodge Charger Daytona HEMI
1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455

RULES AMENDMENT #2 - In addition to crowning the winning driver and winning tuner, two ACCOLADES will be bestowed:

  1. Golden Wheel - title will be bestowed upon the driver with the smallest standard deviation of lap time from all tune entries.
  2. Golden Wrench - title will be bestowed upon the tuner with the smallest standard deviation of lap time from all drivers.

TUNE LOAD WARNING - Tunes are not loading properly unless they are loaded from the garage, there have also been reports that downloading and installing the tune fails. After downloading go to the CARS - TUNING & UPGRADING - MY TUNES menu to select and reload the tune.

WINNER = The Zerone who took both the fastest driver and fastest tuner title. In true over achieving style he was the only other driver besides myself to run every car in the competition. Well Done!

A shout out also goes to both iHoBo for tuning the fastest car not run by its creator and again to The Zerone for posting the fastest lap in a car created by someone else.

Now drum roll please…. The coveted accolades

Golden Wheel = RPM Swerve with a standard deviation of only 0.522 seconds across multiple cars.

Golden Wrench = HLR Mick with a standard deviation of only 0.764 seconds across multiple drivers.

A shout out also goes to gtFOOTw for giving HLR Mick a run for his money. His tune was the only other one within striking distance of Mick’s and depending how you manipulated the data it could have gone either way. The deciding factor was when only the times of the four drivers that ran Mick’s car were looked at, Mick clearly was the winner.

DISCLAMER – Times submitted by drivers who drove less than 3 cars were excluded from consideration in the Golden Wheel/Wrench competition.

Car…Tuner… File…Driver…Time

70 Rebel… iHoBo xx… HoBo R AT… iHoBo xx… 1:34.661
71 Javelin …Crucian4…RA-HLC No Aero… RPM Swerve. … 1:36.090
71 Javelin…AOT Gemini…C475 ALLROUND…l Holty l… 1:36.090
70 Corvette ZR-1…gtFOOTw… C475 v1.0… The Zerone… 1:36.636
70 Corvette ZR-1…CoastKey… Tunecomp… RPM Swerve… 1:36.930
70 Camaro Z28…I M0T0 I…RA-HLC… The Zerone… 1:35.801
70 Camaro Z28…RPM Swerve… road atlanta… .l Holty l… 1:35.178
69 Camaro SS…sk15kev…RA-HLC… The Zerone… 1:36.254
69 Camaro SS…KnuckleTune… C475-2… RPM Swerve… 1:37.323
67 Stingray 427…SnowmansDad1…RA Full…The Zerone…1:36.185
69 Charger…HLR Juggernaut…Forza… HLR Juggernaut…1:37.018
73 XB Falcon…Dartz IRL…LastV8Dartz…RPM Swerve… 1:37.088
71 Falcon Phase 3…l Holty l… PB Hlc rd atl… l Holty l… 1:35.178
72 Falcon XA GT…Rosny…XA GT-HO… The Zerone…1:35.400
71 Mach 1…XCELRATE… XCEL 1.3GRIP/SPD RPM Swerve…1:36.847
69 Boss 302…fifty inch…356ps v2…The Zerone…1:36.526
65 Mustang GT…HLR PRKid…HistoricRdRacing…RPM Swerve…1:35.956
65 Mustang GT…HLR Mick…C475…crash220…1:37.382
77 Torana A9X…CXR ELITE UCCIO…RA-HLC…The Zerone…1:36.462
70 Cougar…MARsSPEED… MARs TEST… RPM Swerve… 1:36.306
70 Cougar…OdinThe1337… RA-HLC… RPM Swerve… 1:36.499
71 Cuda Hemi… HLR Moss… C475… The Zerone… 1:35.216
69 Firebird T/A…crash220… WS6 v1.0… The Zerone…1:35.714
69 Firebird T/A…The Zerone… 69TA H Lt1… The Zerone…1:34.568

This looks like fun - I’ll be in for sure

Sure, why not? In.

The track has been opened early and times are being accepted.

Tuners are beginning to show up with some very fast cars - Monitor second “Results” post for an updated list of available tunes and times.

Posts of the fastest time from each car are encouraged as are times from slower drivers. Reruns with updated times will be accepted up to the deadline midnight GMT 20 Oct.

In addition to crowning the winning driver and winning tuner, two ACCOLADES will be bestowed:

  1. Golden Wheel - title will be bestowed upon the driver with the smallest standard deviation of lap time from all tune entries.
  2. Golden Wrench - title will be bestowed upon the tuner with the smallest standard deviation of lap time from all drivers.

Let the racing begin,

Posted 1:37.859, currently #44 on LB. This is my 1970 Corvette, tune is shared.

HLR Mick - 1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe = 1:37.382
Nice stable steady driving tune. Not much else to say. The only car I’ve lapped faster is my own with 100’s of laps under my belt. Time speaks for itself and was set on lap #4. Lap number 5 was 0.3 sec faster at the second split but somewhere I managed to give it back. If I had to come up with a nit pick it would be a tendency to lock up the brakes since I wasn’t getting much visual indication of weight transfer due to the stiff suspension. I personally prefer a bit more turn in off throttle but within 5 laps I’d compensated so I wouldn’t change a thing. Definite contender.

gtFOOTw - 1970 Chevrolet Corvette [C3] ZR-1 = 1:38.325
I’ve never driven a FOOT tuned car that I didn’t like and this is no exception. Very soft grippy suspension that was super easy to drive at the ragged edge of grip with lots of body motion to clue you in on where the weight was going and when it would or wouldn’t grip. I did notice a little bit of chatter as the tires struggled at the edge and you needed to be perfect entering the esses or it was easy to unload the rear so more damping may be beneficial but… I smell an “ain’t broke don’t fix it” stock suspension. What was surprising to me was the time. I ran what felt like three near perfect laps back to back and every time across the line I expected to see a 1:36.9 but was greeted with a 1:38.3. Still scratching my head over this one.

RPM Swerve - 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. = 1:37.412
Very predictable, I really liked how easy it was to keep the power down exiting turns. Never any doubt that you could finish off the turn at full throttle or threat or burning up the tires. I never put together a good lap with splits easily sub 1:37. I struggled with brake lockup and that kept me from attacking the last chicane but with more laps I would have adapted and the time would drop. I typically can get within 1.5s of your times so 1:36.8s is just about right where I’d expect to run with more laps.

| M0T0 | - 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. = 1:37.428
A stiff car that had me sliding around the first two laps but once I readjusted I noticed it drove very similar to my own tune and being more of a grip build could make up a lot of time on the front half of the track. I did notice a tendency for the car to tighten up on exit so at times I was waiting to apply full power. To be honest when I loaded the tune and saw a 53 hp reduction for a measly 55 lb reduction in weight I figured it didn’t have a chance but it is a solid easily driven tune that just gets it done on a different part of the track. Laps 3, 4, & 5 were all clean and all sub 1:37.5. Don’t underestimate the potential for this tune to compete.

CostKey - 1970 Chevrolet Corvette [C3] ZR-1 = 1:38.024
It surprised me, the first 4 laps were high 1:39s low 1:40s but then I figured something out. Overall I felt it was tight mid corner all the way out but with good turn-in. There was, however, something strange going on with the front tires at threshold braking where the forces on the wheel would almost reverse. Under hard braking I noticed a slight increase in under steer that resulted in my compensation with too much steering input that resulted in too much turn-in as I trailed off. Instinctively I reacted by taking the input back out which was absolutely the wrong thing to do when the car tightened back up mid corner. Once I started rolling out of the throttle earlier with less aggressive brake application I could track a consistent line and picked up two full seconds.

Rosney - 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT-HO = 1:38.317
I concur that this tune is finished. There is no more speed to be found by making it drive any better. You want to drive a polished tune this is it. If I could get my car to drive like this I’d be running 1:35s. It has been a while since I drove one of your tunes and I forgot what a pleasure it is. It is definitely going to run faster in better hands but I think you might be correct with your assessment of a slow build. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I predict that this is going to be a lobby sleeper and surprise a lot of people when fast drivers consistently win races in this thin taking any and all lines around the track. From one tuner to another “Well Done” mate.

Dartz IRL. - 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT = 1:38.728
Holy mother of grip BATMAN. You had to try to get this thing out of shape and half the time you didn’t have enough power to push it any harder. You are giving Rosney a run for the easiest car to drive. I don’t thing I ever heard the tires complain and could drive it in to within millimeters of the turn one wall but 131 mph into the last chicane it just wasn’t fast enough around Road Atlanta full. Club circuit would be a different story but no matter how much I tried to push harder on the front half of the track I just couldn’t make up time the time lost on the long strait. As much a I loved the blower and wanted a Mad Max paint job, my unfamiliarity with the line from the right seat and the obstruction to my sight line might have lost a half a second. I can see why CXR ELITE UCCIO switched over to the Torana. I’m looking forward to seeing if someone can figure out how to use all that grip. This would make an excellent Prague or Alps car.

Reviews moved from the tuner’s garage to the driver’s lounge.

Off to go grind some more cash so I can buy some more cars to try out,

Quick post to say hello, expect my 69 Camaro SS on Wednesday or Thursday. Just trying to dial in the first corner and the corner before the long straight.

Seems like the GTO is the fastest one here. Unless I’m wrong


Half the field is in and there is no way my name should be next to any of them as a driver. There isn’t a lemon in the bunch with plenty of variations in grip and power to suit any driving style so give them a spin and report back to see how your time stacks up. Remember you don’t have to be the fastest to be eligible for the tile of Golden Wheel that will bestowed on the most consistent driver.


First tune I tried was for someone I’ve never driven a car they tune and boy was it a good car.

Car is a 1970 corvette tuned by CoastKey. Current best time is a 1:36.930 (screenshot in my activity feed) which is good for #44. I kept messing up the top of the hill (more on this) but when I didn’t I was in 36.5 territory comfortably. Should do a low 36 I’d think.

The tune favors drivers who like lots of turn in. Results may not be great for those who favor understeer. For me it had more turn in then what I’m used to but it’s something I like. For me I would drop rear sway 2 points and see what happens.

The only issues I had were over the hill. You have to use the curbs in this car to get a good time and I curb hopped every time. My best time I literally drifted the whole section. Not sure if this is fixable, but if so this car would hit a monster lap time. Gearing is also an issue but id venture thats more due build restrictions. This car dies in low gear when theoretically it shouldn’t.

Which leaves to the conclusion that because of this cars crazy high grip, it should be driven and tuned like a Mazda Cosmo from FM6. It really isn’t a muscle car despite its looks. It’s a momentum car which can be very dangerous on the leaderboard. This car as is may be a sleeper, but once you get used to it, it’s quite good. Very pleased.

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Great Review Swerve. Excited to see what a good driver can do with my HEAVY Metal, which, is, ummm very heavy. I"ll be happy if you can even get in mid 1:37’s, haha. Thanks again for putting in the time. Always good to see an established guy trying out some of us lesser known tuners. Cheers.

I’ll do yours next assuming it’s not an expensive car. Didn’t earn enough credits yesterday so we’ll see. I’m focusing on those that I don’t recall driving their cars in previous games for now.

Great to here! MARsSPEED is first on my list of tunes I want to rerun because it should have been one of my fastest not slowest. Five short laps just wasn’t enough to settle in and stop being an idiot behind the wheel. I’m predicting mid to low 1:36 easy. Add Dartz IRL. - 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT to your up next list as well. Momentum car all the way and I don’t think I was getting everything out of all that grip.


Put me down as entering as a driver, will make everyone else look good, but might be consistent.

My tune is now uploaded for the 69 Camaro SS.
I really like it and quite proud of it. Turns in nice and sharp, little bit of trail braking if you want it. Brakes set to 48% / 150.
Left a little play on the throttle too so that you can use the power to bring it around if needed, but most of the time it turns really easy. Be brave on the brakes as it stops really well.

car :- 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport Coupe (not the FE one).
name : - RA_HLC
track :- Road Atlanta Full
weather :- dry
keywords :- RA-HLC
tuner :- sk15kev

If it runs well, I’ll open source the build and tune after the comp closes.

I’ve been doing 6 laps since lap 1 and 2 are throwaways.

1:36.306 (picture in activity feed) for MARsSPEEDs cougar.

That’s really all that needs to be said but i like rambling so here it goes.

Truth be told I know the cougar very very well, probably better than most. I created one in FM6 that was old faithful for me. The only car that could consistently keep up with leaderboard 73 trans ams. Once I saw this car was a cougar I was hopeful to find it to be good…and it is.

Flat out I’m not 100% sure if this is the best build for the car. Front a rear aero (dropped to lowest setting) and squeezing either tire width/power/less weight may have been better? No telling. But this is a damn good no aero car and it’s fast.

She feels slow until you see lap times and then think back how awful you hit every turn. This car as is has 35s written all over it. Maybe it’s the best build? No clue, but this car feels like it will beat my 70 camaro with less effort.

I’m assuming you’re supposed to shift around 5500rpms. This car has a ton of low end torque similar to hemis.

No real tune adjustments are needed. I think aero would fix some of the corner off uncertainty at times.

Thanks again for taking the time! How you can pull such times is crazy!

So, I should tell you No Aero is kinda my shtick…I started tuning No Aero in FM2 and it has stuck with me. I knew I was going to have my hands full with Classic Muscle but thought I’d give it a try. Probably will be very good for speed tracks. I may just throw some Aero on just to see how much I can improve my own time with it.


How? The most recent FM6 esport comp sponsored by T10 this past summer. We had to try qualifying a Porsche on this track that literally did wheelies on two sections of the track…including the last corner. I learned a lot.

I drove your car on the last corner similar to that Porsche and was able to hold it flat out on last corner or blip throttle if I was a tad off line. It was definitely far easier to control than that damn Porsche.

The cougar is one of a few muscle cars that are fine without aero based on FM6 experience. You chose very wisely! You’re correct in that it will work on speed tracks. It will also work on tracks like Indy gp.