Highspeed corner oversteer


I’ve been struggling to get my 991 Turbo S(RWD) under control.
I could only describe it like the back of the car is sometimes trying to overtake the front, feels like it’s just losing grip and starts sliding like its on dirt, even without me accelerating, downforce on the rear is nearly at max. (especially in high speed corners).
The front feels like beeing too grippy in those scenarios.
Someone got some ideas?

Could be a bunch of things. Spring and damper settings should reflect the weight distribution percentages +/-0.5%, so try nudging the settings more toward the front. May need to increase spring & damper rates to keep from unloading the rear when you let off the throttle. Antiroll bar balance could be off. Antiroll bar settings could be too stiff. Your differential accel setting could be too high if it oversteers under throttle. Your differential decel setting could be too high if it oversteers when you lift off the throttle.

I’d also recommend tuning aero as close to weight distribution as you can to avoid creating a tune that oversteers at low speeds and understeers at high speeds. Balanced aero will also give you a better idea of what could be wrong elsewhere.

Try hard rear springs and max rear downforce.