Highrise photo glitch

Seen heaps of photos on this forum where it looks like its taken from a cherrypicker
How the ? do you do it

You can use RT to raise the elevation but I believe it’s only up to 6 ft.

In Long Beach there is a glitch where you can get the camera “out of the map” and on top of one of the cranes near the turn with all the flowers in the middle. Are they in game pictures with the FM6 logo or are the pictures you’re seeing from a video capture device?

They are in game shots of more tracks than just Road America

It’s a trick that’s been around since Forza Motorsport 4 but only works in certain places (usually the pitlane or where 2 different track ribbons meet up).

At Catalunya for example you can get your camera all the way up to the top of the scoring tower, using a fence in the pitlane as your jumping point.

Thats the whole point of this thread,is to find out how to do it
Where to do it
What buttons to press/tricks to do etc

Ive tried the Catalunya thing but cant seem to get it to work

Id also like to know, I’ve seen some great shots done with it. I’ve tried several tracks, in between armco barriers it’ll jump up a brief moment whilst holding RT but goes back down automatically.

Well I found this but I was attempting the same thing with no joy

The basic idea is that you old the RT button down while moving towards an edge or corner of trackside scenery. You’ll know you’ve done it right if the camera jumps higher than normal. Once that happens let go of the left stick (moving it causes you to go back to a “height-capped” spot) and use only the right stick to line up your camera shots.

I have found only one place so far where it works, a railing at the exit of the Catalunya pitlane. I use that spot to take my livery photos. The top 2 pics here are at maximum zoom, with the car further up the straight:

I just tried that one and got it to work. I also found seven other spots on the Nordschleife, including one at the end of the pit lane and another at the beginning of Döttinger Höhe (the really long straight.)

I also took a picture!


Wow… would you mind sharing where you managed to take this? Which barrier did you try the glitch on? I’m definitely interested.


Here’s a picture of it and its location on the map. It’s near the beginning of the marked section.

It’s pretty easy to find while driving, since a flock of birds always fly out of the trees in front of it. Once you see those, look to the left and you should see it. Then, just go up to the barrier and move left towards the red guardrail until you start flying.

The one directly after it can also be used.

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Thanks for the tips, very much appreciated. Gonna give that area you mention a go next time I’m on.

I’ve seen a few similar pics from Spa and found a promising spot at Brands Hatch at the entrance to pits, though I could only get about 30 feet (est.?) In the air.

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Good lookin out! Thanks for posting that. Was trying Sonoma earlier with some promising areas but couldn’t get too high. I’ve got a xb1 from release day and a worn/heavily used controller which I think is inhibiting me with keeping the left stick still

I remember when I shot IndyCar and ALMS full time ('08-'11) I loved shooting Long Beach. I used to go to the top of the parking garage (right by the fountain) and shoot a whole 1 hour afternoon practice session. Also in 2011 I made a friend who lived on the 10th floor of one of the apartments at Linden and E Ocean with his patio facing the backstretch. I shot part of the race from ~110 ft. When I’m playing Forza and racing a track I’ve shot at I think to myself that’s where a photo hole is or I wish the officials gave us access to that area.

Just found five spots at Lime Rock Park.

One at the end of the pit lane. Go between the barrier and the short guardrail and then move left towards the short guardrail.

One at the little runoff thing at turn one. Go up to the barrier to the far right of the picture and move towards the one to its left (the one in the center of the picture.)

One at turn five. Go between the rail and the tires (you’ll go over the tires) and move towards the outside of the rail.

One by the chicane at turn six. Approach from the left and move towards the end of the railing.

And, finally, one near the entrance to the pit lane. Approach from the barrier on the left and move right, towards the metal barrier. This one’s a little trickier than the others. Half the time, you’ll just go up a bit and then fall.


Awesome!! Thanks so much for the info! I look forward to trying it tonight!

I do have a question tho…

Why are we capped so low on camera/photo height in the rest of the game?(normal, no glitching)…
Even double what it is now would be cool

Thanks again!

Thank you guys, awesome thread.

+1 quoted text, why are we capped so low? I mean - the cap is not even as high as some of the players are tall, 6 ft, really?

When you “highrise” the camera you can see why they capped it at 6ft. Once you go above a certain height and look beyond the barriers, you can see all of the elements of the environment that are not present (missing roads, floors, walls etc.) in normal gameplay. This itself isn’t an issue since stripping assets that will never be seen helps improve performance, but I can see why Turn 10 don’t want people to see these elements as they break the immersion of the game.

In my view it doesn’t cause any harm to the Photomode community. Just like some of the past Photomode glitches that were removed in FM6. But instead it allows people to express themselves a lot more. Which in turn could allow anyone to create something unique when used correctly.

That’s understandable.

Would a 10 ft cap work? I mean, with people easily being 6 foot 4 inches tall the current cap is below eye level for some. Even if you took a camera and put it n a tripod or pole you could go higher.

I get why they don’t want you taking the camera 25, 30, 50 feet high and looking around outside of the trackable area I just think the cap is a little low.