Highest LOD models not available?

I don’t see anything similar in the known issues thread so I thought I’d report this.

On PC, max settings, the models seem to be using the Xbox One model quality (LOD1) even at max settings. On XB1X they seem to look how PC should look (typically LOD0):

Left is PC max settings, right is XB1X E3 gameplay. You can see the curvature in the headlight and the grille gap-thing on the GT2RS is a lot more polygonal on the PC version. It seems that model quality only goes to high in the graphics options, whereas on FH3 I seem to remember it going up to ultra.

You know, E3 demo “is not representative of the final experience”.

I don’t see how that’s relevant. The high quality models of cars are visible on the demo’s menu, and from what I’ve seen from other players, they do appear ingame at some point.

In case any devs happen across this, my specs are:

  • i7 6700k (stock clocks)
  • 16GB 3000MHz DDR4
  • Win10 Pro x64

If it matters the game is installed on an SSD too.

I wondered that myself, considering this game is running very smooth on my pc, I cannot understand why there are no ultra options for said options?