High Roller Achievement: Which million plus credit car did you chose from the Autoshow?

So the game has been out for a bit… I’ve not been playing it super hot and heavy and even I have had a chance to buy a car worth over a million credits but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet… At least in the Autoshow. (The auction house you bet I have.)

So I’m curious… What have you all chosen and why?

Also… Does anyone know which ones don’t show up in the Auction House allot?

What? 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Why? Because I could :slight_smile:

Been starting to buy the cars from most expensive towards least expensive in the autoshow and yesterday night I got the Centenario. A couple more to go before I stop using that “boss swinger card” perk. :slight_smile:

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Ferrari F40

Considered saving for the 288 GTO before getting the F40, but I couldn’t resist.


This, it’s a fantastic car, the F40.


I bought Ferrari LaFerrari. I didn’t even know about the achievement beforehand so seeing it unlock was a nice extra bonus. Great car :slight_smile:

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1967 Lambo Miura.

I was going around doing championships and found some retro supercar race and that was the only car it would let me buy for the races.

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Bought the LaFerrari when a batch of hypercars were on sale after expanding a festival site.

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I bought the Ferrari FXX K then the Centenario both great cars but I still have more fun in lower class cars that have been tuned up.


What? Koenigsegg One:1

Why? Let’s start from the name, which is meant to be pronounced as a ratio, as in one-to-one, rather than one-one. The name is ambiguous, since it refers to both the car’s metric power output of 1 megawatt (or 1341 horsepower, when running on that E85 alcohol-gasoline blend) and its perfectly balanced power-to-metric-weight ratio – as in 1.0 kilogram to 1.0 PS (or Pferdestarke, which equals 0.986 horsepower).

Price? 2.85M Cr iirc

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Yeah, pretty tempted by this one but I see it go for cheaper in the Auction House… I guess I watch the prices too much. I’m sort of more tempted by the Agera just because it seems to be up for auction for less often.

Yeah, I don’t really look at achievements either till a ways down the road… If the Auction House counted I would have had the achievement sometime ago with a McLaren P1.

First one I went for was the Reventon without any hesitation.

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Like some before me:

nuff said.


Lamborghini Reventon for me to ^^

and then the Centenario :stuck_out_tongue:

The F40 will be the first expensive car i buy, well first that isn’t a Horizon Edition car.

I’m going to wait until i’ve driven and tuned all the cars i currently have though, i think i have around 10 million at the moment.

Another Reventon buyer here. Threw my Vladof paint on it and blew up the highways and byways!

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What Car? Ferrari FXX K.

Why? I was curious and knew the Centenario already.

I don’t remember exactly. I just remember going on a spending spree and getting the achievement. didn’t even know it existed till then. ( I don’t like looking at the achievements for a game before beating it to avoid spoilers.)

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Ferrari F40 of course


check the auction house, you can buy them there for less and still get the achievement!

1962 Ferrari GTO

Why? It was the absolute best car in Horizon 2 and it is a classic that looks and sounds great. Problem is it is just average in Horizon 3. I had 3 of these in H2 a B, A and S1 and each one was awesome but I here I have built out to B and A so far and both are nice but not outstanding by any measure.

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