High mileage cars?

Just picked up FM7 last week, got 1500 miles on a GTR already… I see the dash records and saves the mileage. Is there any value to a car with lots of race history? Anyone else have a high mileage car?

There’s no way to check history in the auction house. Forza2 you could see the amount of wins a car had and that led to some higher bids. Only thing that might help is lower production numbers from the specialty dealer that could probably make you an extra $15-20K on a buyout because there are yet more restrictions on what you can do in every aspect of the game.

Ya the good ol days in forza 2, see the number of victories and mileage… seems like they take more and more out of the game every release


I thought long and hard about this and come to the conclusion it makes no difference anyway. You are either a winner or a loser in a brand new car or high mileage. High No. of podiums or none

Here is a little chart


1st position = Winner
2nd to 24th = Loser

Since I got my no miles brand spankin’ new Ford GT FE I am a loser

Max this thing out in the parts shop tune it and wow it moves 254mph on that long long strait plus a very nice 100% credit boost can do 10 laps of the Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit in about 33 minuits about 03:20.000 per lap netting you a whopping 558,000 credits every 10 laps plus about 60,000 xp

So guys that is over 1,116,000 per hour with 5 to 6 level ups bonuses,

Bring on the money

I painted her up and tuned her right to the class restriction The paint didn’t help but it is currently 650HP S800. If I touch the engine it jumps up an entire class to R even though the S class allows 750HP so if I add a race intake which adds 16HP in T10 world 650HP + 16HP = at least 751HP… Go figure.

Since I posted this I have only won 1 race on unbeatable and it was 10 laps full circuit with Mods in. but only got about that 558’000CR for first and a couple of level ups. I can’t remember what 3rd was paying but I think about 528’000CR. Either way between my testing and attempts I have managed 3 1/2 mil CR after expenses and cars etc so not complaining.

It is 100% VIP
100% (50/50)FE
100% Drivatar Level

must be a pretty lousy payout in a daily driver with no VIP or mods

Do you get more for R and P class cars? tbh I haven’t even noticed

Yep got to run them mods I try to have at least 3 80% mods in place and the only difference between the different classes is how long a lap takes payout is the same. But if you crank the car to max you make more per minuit as you can get in more laps in less time. More laps more money​:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

I think it just adds some “collectibility” to the game, kind of like the specialty dealer. I would definitely be interested in buying cars with race history