Hidden showcase events

Were do I find the hidden showcase events for the Ferrari F40 Competizone, Ford #66 LeMans version and the Porsche 919 hybrid

Complete the required points for each Championship through the FDC and then additional events become visible.

To be able to select the showcase events you have mentioned, you’ll have to complete the Forza Driver’s Cup championship by meeting the points totals for each of the 6 championships with each of the open series being completed in order to unlock the hidden series and showcase events. The showcase events for the cars you have mentioned can be found in these championships once unlocked:

  1. Ferrari F40 Competizone: The Forza Driver’s Cup(Factory Spec Racing)
  2. #66 Ford Racing GT Le Mans: Evolution Championship(Sebring 300)
  3. #19 Porsche 919 Hybrid: Domination Championship(Le Mans 250)
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