Hidden Porsches that are in the trailer, but not the game

With the news and all the hype about the brand new Porsche pack, many we’re left disappointed with the lack of ‘‘new’’ cars and race cars. But one thing really bugs me, and it’s about the trailer.

You can clearly see a 911 with a GT2-style wing. Needless to say, i was excited since 993s are my favorites Porsches. But then i checked through the liste, and it wasn’t there. I thought it was an error so i decided to install the update and check myself.

So the game started, and i saw the Porsche pop-up, i was instantly disappointed.

It was just a 930 with a spoiler. They literally changed the spoiler between the pictures. (EDIT: It is a 993 GT2)

WHY? Since the beginning of DLCs, T10 never showed a modified car in a DLC trailer. Now that’s just fooling us into thinking that a car(a very desired one) is in the pack, but isn’t.

First the 66 Silvia, then the unicorns and now this? I have bought every Forzas since the first and all the DLCs since it first started in 2005, but now i see that the good days of Forza 3-4 are long gone. There’s clearly something going on at Turn10 and it’s not good. At first i was sure going to download the pack, but now i’m not even sure about it anymore.

It’s reallt sad to see my favorite racing sim franchise going like that.

EDIT: It’s been confirmed it is actually not a 930, but the 993 GT2, what are you hiding from us Turn10?


like with Forza 4 Porsche pack, you can change the body kits on some of the cars to look like various different models. So I wouldn’t say anything is wrong with them at all as far as that goes

Hmm interesting find about the spoilers. I too am a bit disappointed that some VERY important Porsches from the 70’s are missing. But the new content is fresh at the moment, there are still a bunch of fun cars in the pack and VIR is new too. It’ll be fun for a while anyhow. Worth the 20 EUR price? That’s for everyone to decide, I’m an older guy with a good payed job so 20 EUR is nothing. :slight_smile:

Agree on the '66 Silvia and unicorns as well. And let’s not forget Dom’s Charger! :wink:

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This is a Turn 10 created Porsche promo video. Nothing says these can’t be future DLC.

That wing isn’t the same as the one in-game for the 930 Turbo. Shenanigans.


Could it be an extra wing you can add to the car? In Forza 4 several of the Porsches had different wings, bumpers and side skirts maybe even hoods. This gave us the ability to make one car look like another. Granted the PI was not what it should be, but it looked like it.
I would love to tell you more and give you an example but to me most Porsches look the same.


No that’s clearly a 993, you can tell by the smooth wraparound taillight.


Lets hope for future add ons. I was sad to find a few cars missing as well but am glad to have Porsche back in Forza Motorsport, would gladly dump the Macan and Cayenne for a 991GT3/GT3RS and a 997.1 RS.

That is definitely a 993 GT2 in the picture though.


Its gonna be another unicorn


FM6 was released mid September last year, I guarantee, especially as some cars are ‘missing’ (GT4, 991 GT3RS/ R, 73rs. or RSR) there will be more packs or with a few of them interspersed with other packs.

Anyway, I’m happy I get my CGT again yey

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Hello all.

I agree, T10 definetly goes in a very wrong dirction. They think this Apex thing would save there souls? I dont think so. A bad idea to goes for PC like this because on PC there are much better sims and the community dont want to race with tons of cars, the PC communitiy want to play good sims not with 400 cars. They wont buy xbox because of Forza.
I think Microsoft force this direction after Project Cars and Assetto Corsa coming to consoles. These two games will hit because the developers focus on gameplay mainly not just the more cars idea. Turn 10 forget the quality, they goes towards the quantity direction and i think its a big mistake.
HUH a Porsche expansion? What a surprise. Again and again the same old song (for bigger price), its boring.


I agree with you 100%. I have even the forza console but am quite underwhelmed by the community and support. And with this new shift towards pc, I do not see things getting better any time soon. That being said I hoping asetto corsa will have policed online lobies. If not I’m getting project cars. It’s already a steal at its current price.

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Forza has always been about giving players a wide portfolio of cars like Gran Turismo, also Forza 6 doesn’t have nearly as many cars as Forza 4 but they are more detailed (graphics, forzavista) and realistic than ever, so I don’t get what’s wrong here. You are not forced to buy the expansion anyway. Just so you know, 20 bucks for 20 cars (AND a bunch of new tracks) isn’t more of a cash grab (which is not IMHO) than paying 7 bucks for a 7-car pack each month.

Why? It’s not like those unicorn cars are marketed as game features in the first place. They are well kept secrets that only seasoned players will know about and try to grab by getting more involved in the game.


The unicorn stuff is absurd. Always has been. Keeping cars away from people is ridiculous.


I pray to god the 993 isn’t another unicorn nonsense.

In fact I went a step further and checked on the car search thingy for photos and online since that’s how people found out about the Silvia and the Vantage, and there wasn’t any additional Porsche that wasn’t included in the pack.

So I suppose the 993 (and something else - 991 RSR pls) may come later as an extra free 2 car pack like Horizon 2 had.


Amen to that.

Surely there are better ways to build the community than by locking good cars behind targets that are impossible for 99% of the community to hit. The elites don’t even care about the cars. So why do it?


You’re complete correct. If they are going to have a Unicorn car at least make a good car. This astons most likely just going to sit in my garage, I don’t race the lower classes. I like unicorns, it promotes rarity. But the cars are complete Garbage so far. The 312p is ok, but nothing that would get a 1st place time, and that also brings me to another point. They can give out extremely good cars to the elite players. For example I race P class (and r) if they were to give out the sauber c9 in a unicorn event that only the elite players can get, then it will only make us even more unbeatable and unfair. That’s my way of looking at, there’s always two sides to the story so don’t be so quick to get angry at t10s decisions. I would like to see a platform like racing rivals. Not sure if anyone knows that game but every week they have rare new cars that are not in the game and the only way to get them is through turf wars, which requires a lot of real life money wich why I never do it. But anyway, the top 100 teams get cars and top 100 is unwrapped (not painted) top 25 is wrapped in special graphics. Top 5 is wrapped and special rims and top 1 is wrapped with special carbon rims. Like this week’s the turf car is the new huayra bc. The cars are never the fastest in the game but they are extremely rare. It would be cool to see in forza this platform except number 1. It would be complete free, a rivals event. You can do it by percenage or people. I’m sure everyone would like the percent more. Top 100 gets an unwrapped version of the car and the rest as follows as stated before. But it would be cool to have special wrapped cars and special rims that are locked on to the car, meaning you can’t change it. Even if it’s not new cars at least do this for the cars already in the game.

Amen to that.

Surely there are better ways to build the community than by locking good cars behind targets that are impossible for 99% of the community to hit. The elites don’t even care about the cars. So why do it?

Your right, we dont need to divide the whiners from the winners.
Well I geuss I will have to remove my vantage as soon as they gift it to me. It takes up to much room. what a joke


So, throw in an awesome tune with the car for the “winners.” Hell, make it unlocked, too, so you can fine-tune it to your specific style. “Oh, those scrubs just get the car. But you, Mr. Big Swinger…you get the car, tuned to it’s absolute best for its’ class. Let the proles figure it out their own selves.”

Will that feed your clearly-starving ego enough?

I don’t like cars that I really like being locked in near-impenetrable cages. And I don’t think you would, either.


993 would make a great unicorn!!!