"Hidden" launch control....

Hold the brake plus accelerator while stopped and the rpm will stay at 2000 rpm, you will launch at full boost and the car wont lose much traction at the line.

I have tested it in the maloo and if you launch without this trick you will redline first gear about 10 times and with the trick it does it about 5 times.

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I have noticed this as well, with manual + clutch. Seems to be an anti-stall mechanism.

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I love this. You can also launch with clutch slip in manual with clutch, just give it a tiny bit of throttle without pressing the clutch button.

I’ve always enjoyed cruising in FH games, but it always felt silly doing burnouts every time I launch.

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It just holds the revs around 2000 and applies the clutch about 25% and when you release the brake it basically releases the clutch a little slowly to stop any bogging. Sadly no backfire :frowning:


Hopefully eliminates any of the complaints about poor launches in Forza 6

I thought I was the only one! That’s gonna be a very useful feature for me since I do a lot of street and drag racing.

Does it only work with manual with clutch or as well without clutch?

Unfortunately no, it will only work with manual + clutch.

It does work but you have to barely press the brake, only press the brake enough to get the brake lights to come on and it’ll hold at 2k but you have to play with it alot to get used to it.

This was a trick I used in my 1967 Fury III many mornings as I drove past the main gate of Eielson AFB outside Fairbanks, AK. *<8)
It seemed (back in the day, this’d be the very early '80’s) that immediately after serving a tour in Texas, the Air Force liked to send people to Alaska.
Most people, when they see brake lights ahead of them, tend to stand on the brake pedal themselves…not always safe practice during Arctic winter conditions. Conditions which are far different from Texas at any time.
Funniest thing in the world is a vehicle with Texas plates spinning down the highway @ 40+mph till they hit the snowbank!
Then I’d turn around, loop back and help them out, and invariably they’d offer a nice cash reward for my assistance…always had lunch money! lol

- YouTube … its still processing right now but I put about 3 hours into testing all the cars, also explained in the description.

It also allows you to start it top gear as the clutch stays on a tiny little bit until there’s no need for it.

Now i havent played the demo as i’m no console peasant but this sounds a lot like brake boosting from previous games. The video also looks exactly like it except you guys say it work when using clutch now?

“Console Peasant”?

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This guy is obviously part of the “PC Master Race” us lowly console peasants should feel honoured he takes the time out to converse with us.

He plays on a PC, you see. This makes him MUCH better than you and I.


Of course it does, because it makes all the difference spending stupid amounts on a PC that runs as well or marginely better than a console costing half that price. Is this what we’re heading to on FH3? People mocking others for their choice of platform? I think some people need to grow up :slight_smile:

However, to the topic at hand. I tried it and it is actually quicker to launch like this. Nice find :slight_smile:


You’re giving people beef about mocking other platforms yet you’re saying you have to spend twice as much money for something ‘marginally’ better than a console. I have both and I can tell you that I HAVE spent twice the money on my rig than I did on my xbox (and then some after you factor in replacing components) and I can tell you that it blows the Xbox out of the water on every game I have ever played.

The other guy was wrong calling console users ‘peasants’ but you guys need to stop getting butthurt over this kinda stuff and get off your high horses cause you spent 300 bucks over 600+, it’s annoying AF reading some of these threads on the FH3 forum. It’s full off ‘WAAAH WHY DO PC GET THIS GAME THEY DONT DESERVE’ and ‘HUEHUE PC MASTER BAITS SNORT

God damn guys, grow up a little, we’re all gaming enthusiasts here. It ain’t a competition on who has the best rig, it’s who can drive the best, damnit!


Brake boosting was awesome back in FH2, glad to see it’s comeback in this game, gonna have some fun doing drags down at the airport with this.

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I’m no gaming enthusiast I just really like cars and this is the only way i can somewhat realistically have them!