Hidden Demo Photo Mode

So I found a hidden way to snag pics from the demo.

When you get to rivals, you can go to the leaderboard and load someone’s ghost replay. When in there, you can open Photomode.

You can take your pic, save it, etc, but you can’t share it. It refuses to populate the “keywords” that allow it to upload to the server.

But, you can use the left small button on your controller (formerly the back button) to “Hide UI.” This allows you to snag the pic you have lined up with a good old fashion “Xbox take a Screenshot”.



Very clever!


Great find! Notice you can toggle headlights on or off. Can’t wait to try on a night track. Someone want to start a photomode thread?

Welp…looks like I’ll be changing my background later…thanks!

Welp…looks like I’ll be changing my Xbox one background image!! Thanks!

Seriously can’t wait to get the full version to take photos of all the babes in the the new tracks. Lime rock has realistic lighting!


Snap the pick before you press A to actually “Snap” the pic. You’ll see the double box button to “hide UI” which will take away the photo hud and all the display settings!

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Holy crap I thought that was a real picture!

EDIT: I guess they fixed the interior wall glitch during a race in photomode.

Thanks. Forgot about that since you first have to take a shot to “render” the aperture but then can just back out. Anyways here is another shot in the night

nice catch! checking this out when I get home.

Nice trick! First results coming in:

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT


Nice pics! I hope you don’t mind I snagged the wheels in the air one for my PC wallpaper until the 10th when I can make my own with my Favorite cars! I could never get that shot no matter how hard I try, lol

Looks like the smoke found it’s courage :slight_smile:

Double post like 30 minutes after I posted…

Click for the full size


Damn, they look stunning!!
Cant wait to get hands on now


I might be a little slow but can someone tell me step by step how to acces photo mode becouse all get when i go to leaderboards are show gamercard

From the Challenge mode… Race a track… after that go back to challenge mode… HIGHLIGHT a race in challenge mode, press the button to view leaderboards, If you want to see your replay, press X to filter the results to (NEAR ME) Press (A) to pop-up the stats, then choose VIEW REPLAY.
From there, you will have normal replay controls. click on the ICON of the CAMERA, make your adjustments, go as far as SAVE PHOTO, and then back out to image adjustment. Make sure not to move the sticks, and press the (LEFT LITTLE CIRCLE BUTTON on your controller) to Hide the text from the screen. Double tap the XBOX BUTTON, Press Y to save a screenshot.
From here, open up smartglass on your digital weapon of choice, and download the image.

Here is an HDR that I made, you may have seen it in the other thread, if not… it is here:

Forza 6 demo by Ben Marshall, on Flickr

I found it earlier today i was in whrong leaderboards and looking for that option


The game isn’t even out yet and the photos people are taking are already absolutely amazing! :stuck_out_tongue: