Hi I'm looking for new friends!

Hi for everybody
I’m Leandro an ex player from Argentina who now are living in Dublin, Ireland, and as I’m new in Forza EU I’m looking for new friends, who want to make fun and enjoy the time, I’m very friendly and funny
JUST ITS IMPORTANT TO KNOW, I’m beginner on English, so I can’t understand you if you speak me fast, but I want to learn and now at the cuarentine time it’s could be a great opportunity us, it’s good for you as opportunity to learn Spanish or practice your Spanish and as well as I will with my English
My gametax is Leandrobrk221
We could speak by discord as well at Leandro#7639

If you know any community Spanish speaker in Europe, or English speaker as well but who are welcome to recibe beginners on English, i’d happy to know it.

Thanks for all.