Hey!! Where'd That Wing Come From?

Fired up FH3 tonight, and jumped into my new BMW M2, which does not have a wing. Entered an online adventure, and all of the sudden, it had a wing. WTH?



This isn’t a chat room, mate. If you have something topic worthy, articulate it with words so other people can understand.


Ah let the post-Christmas posts a roll in

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Can you provide photo evidence of that wing? It can’t be photoshopped, of course!

Sorry, Looks like I posted this message in the wrong section. It’s meant for the FH3 Discussion forum. With that said, I’m not sure what’s going on with the responses. I thought the topic was pretty clear, but I’ll try to clarify.

I have a BMW M2 which does not have a wing on the rear when I am in single player, but as soon as I join an online adventure, all of the sudden there is a wing on the rear of the car.

You posted this in General Discussion initially but I moved it to Off Topic as your initial post was essentially incomprehensible prior to you editing it.