Hey I found a really odd programing error with the 4 wheel drive upgrade in the game

I was doing some testing with two rear wheel drive cars, Both fiat 124 abarth’s and I found that despite the upgrade only costing about 7 PI, and adding about 50 to 75 pounds worth of weight to the car if you try and upgrade it to the top A class, it allows you to get the full 400 pounds worth of weight reduction over the stock rear wheel drive car upgraded to a similar PI level, while you cant on the rear wheel drive car without putting it up to S1 Class

as these are the stats for the two that I wrote down

796 for 4 wheel drive, vs 794 vs rear wheel drive, both without brake upgrades as I plain forgot, and because I hate the fact that I cant paint those stupid things black so they dont stick out

Stats are as Follows as I wrote this down

4 Wheel drive

Speed 7.0
Handling: 7.1
Acceleration 7.5
Launch 9.1
Braking 7.0

2 Wheel Drive

Speed 7.3 --------------which the other car can be tuned to match as it has the fully modded gear box on it
Handling 6.9
Acceleration 6.9
Launch 8.5
Braking 6.8

Like their is a huge acceleration difference between the two, as the other car gets allowed to have 25 PI worth of weight reduction upgrades applied to it for only a net loss of 50 pounds and a total PI cost of 7 for the 4 wheel drive upgrade period while staying in A class, while if you try and upgrade the rear wheel drive car to match with the same weight reduction upgrades, it puts it all the way up into S1 at 819, and wont be compettive with anything.

while removing 4 wheel drive from a car like the Buggati Veryon Supersport, a car with 4 wheel drive as stock when its fully upgraded removes a full 21 points worth of PI, while its just the stock 7 with this car, like their is a huge game balancing blunder here, like did someone intent to make it so that the 4 wheel drive weighed as much as 400 pounds and then reduced it down to 50 without telling anyone? As just based on that upgrading to 4 wheel drive should add about 28 to 31 points worth of PI, the 21 plus the 7 of the veyron deupgrade cost to a cars PI score just to balance it out, not 7.

as it would explain why no matter what you do, you can not race the boss 302 mustang and the 1971 cuda, my favorite cars from Forza Horizon 2, in horizon 4 unless you put that 4 wheel drive upgrade on it and tune it to feel like a true 2 wheel drive muscle car via the tire pressures

and sadly and stupidly LS swap the Cuda, which is Blasphemi x a trillion really just to make it sound like a muscle car rather than a vacuum cleaner,

like guys seriously, go to NICK’s garage up in canada and ask him for a few recording sessions with some ACTUAL 426’s as they Do not sound like whatever sounds your using for this game, I’ll tell you that much!

ditto with the viper engines, as that place is muscle car heaven, and he is the go to guy for engine rebuilds up there and has everything, and I mean everything in that shop, so if you cant find them in england, that’s where you gotta go, plus he is rebuilding Kowalski’s Challenger to boot right now

which you guys are still using a really poor model of in the game, so it would be a win win win for everyone for the next expansion really, like Forza Horizon 4 Expansion 2, We fix all the muscle cars and the 4 wheel drive balancing of the game, and give you back all the old games of Horizon 3 and NOT the stupid team versions save for Flag rush, as that game mode just plain sucks with how badly everyone just camps the N zones.

plus some new music that doesnt suck from Kavinsky and the Retro New Wave channel, with the option to choose what songs to turn on and off in one of the menus and a 1986 one wing mirrored testarossa to boot please lol

Eh a man can dream, but seriously fix this problem guys as this might explain why racing in this game HASNT been good SINCE horizon 2 to boot really, as while you cant find anyone racing in horizon 3 right now really, theirs still plenty in Horizon 2 for this very reason

that and the music didnt suck, although seriously WTH is that song that comes on after the Heavy’s How Do you like me now really? like that just breaks the feeling of the song completely

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Assuming that you’re initially talking about the 2017 Abarth 124, the AWD conversion increases the PI. This perforce means it has less room for upgrades PI-wise - all other upgrades being equal, the AWD will have a higher PI.

If you’re talking about the 1980 Fiat 124, it seems to stay under the top of A when fully upgraded (without engine swap).

It is a weakness in the PI system because some cars end up with a better power/weight ratio on the same PI when swapped to AWD. Something that makes no sense whatsoever.
Thus, it’s no surprise that many of those cars are among the fastest in their respective class.
Ferrari FXX and F50 GT in S2
Porsche 911 (992) & Pagani Zonda C in S1
Bone Shaker & Ferrari F355 in A

There are others which profit from this miscalculation but are naturally AWD (Lamborghini Aventador SV in S1 for example).

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A big part of this is the fundamental flaws in the PI system.

RWD goes up in PI with rear aero or increased rear tire width, but AWD vehicles go down, sometimes significantly.

So if a stock RWD has naturally very wide rear tires, then you may see a PI decrease going to AWD. Then you add Forza aero and you save another 1-2 PI. This is one of the reasons the Boneshaker is so broken, it has massively wide rear tires stock, which means it’s PI drops significantly when you switch it to AWD. Then you can customize the Rear Tire width even more and knock off even more PI. Then you drop the PI even more with rear-aero.

Often the maximum strength of a car is dictated by the default and max allowable rear tire width, as it basically just makes the car more efficient overall. PG need to redo the rear aero and rear-tire width formulas.

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