Hey Guys!

Hello all!

I’m new to the Forums, just made this post to drop a “Hello” and satisfy my curiosity of active players.

So how many people out there are still playing this fantastic game? I’ve just recently started playing again, and am currently waiting on my new internet provider to connect me to the interwebb. But I’m interested in sharing my builds and burning some tread with my fellow FM4 brothers and sisters.

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many still playing! our club runs multi games and platforms, but we still use F4 for our events and club meets… and we meet twice a week!

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The community is still very active, considering how late into its lifespan FM4 is. Tons of community comps too; check 'em out, you can win tons of CR, prize cars, and get to know the regulars all at the same time! Welcome to the Forza Forums! : )

BTM King of the Track: “Unleash Yourself”

BTM May Livery Comp: “Who Do You Love?”

BTM May Photocomp: “Rock and Roll”

BTM Musclecar Trivia Contest

AMS Herbie Challenge

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Thanks for the replies guys! Great to hear players are still active, FM4 will always be my favourite.

Looks like there is still some competition on the track, may need to win some SP races and get some cash right quick so I can enter these comps!

Thanks for the welcome Yakov! Officially a permanent resident.

I just started a month or two ago. I got a good deal on a 360 and went into Gamestop and asked about racing games and the girl suggested Forza 4. I also have Horizon 1 and 2. I’ve been 99% through 1 and have about 50% of 2 done but I haven’t even messed with it since I started trying to tune in FM4.

Seems all I do now is run A, S and R3 cars on Nurburgring Nordschleif course against the AI looking for the perfect combo for me. I could probably pick a leaderboard car and build that to specs I found on the internet and beat them every time but I’d rather do it in a Porsche, Audi or Nissan. The interest for me is finding the right tweek then getting the clean pass in a tight turn or even completely blowing it and causing an all out melee on the track.
I figure if I don’t flip one over every now and again I must not be doing it right.

Every few days I jump over to career and run races for credits on Road Atlanta and Laguna and a few other tracks but I focus mainly on the real world tracks with long straights, lots of elevation change and sweeping turns. If I can’t see it on TV or in a Youtube video it just doesnt have any magic for me. It was a Yahoo News article with video about the Corkscrew that really peaked my interest and it became an obsession to learn Laguna so thats all I did for a week. After that it was Nurburgring and will be for awhile as that track has a lot of challenge.

Some of the smaller/flatter tracks are just frustrating for me with the faster cars but I will run some occasionally with a C or B but just cause I want the credits to buy higher classed cars or build affinity so I can load up the parts to tune for multiple classes and run tracks I really like.

Welcome to the forums, DJ :wink:
Yup, some “regulars” still trying to keep the game/community active. Still plenty to do :wink:

Thanks Yakov for the links to the community events :wink: Handful of clubs still active - EVERCOOL - DEADLIGHT KUSTOMS - AMS (Yakov’s club) and us “good 'ol boys” at BIGTIME MUSCLE. Bigtime also has racing series going on almost every night - check out the Racers Lounge for our series details. Couple more community fun events not mentioned before - DL K “Who Wants To Be A Forza Millionare” and our BIGTIME “Crazy 8 Auctions” - both located in the Fantasy Paint Booth sections. Check those out as well :wink:
Again, welcome to the fun, DJ - hope to see you around some of these events.


Doh, I knew I was forgetting some!

BTM Crazy 8 Auctions

DLK Who Wants to be a Forza Millionaire

Thanks for the info’ Kool, :). I’m a huge club/crew fan, was apart of a ln Australian Drift Crew on GT5 back when I had my PS3. So after I get the feel back for the game I will definitely be trying out for a club. Might even check out the drifter’s lounge. Also, thanks for the links Yakov.

I am in the Military though, so I do disappear for a few months. I leave again in about a week. So I won’t be on much for a little while, but when I come back, I will be active more times than not. Just need to find a club that doesn’t mind me being inactive for certain periods of time. Haha

I agree Killer, I am all about finding the perfect tune for my cars… Specifically suited to my style of driving. I will put weeks into tuning one car if it means I can perfect it and shave a few seconds off my lap times. :slight_smile:

If you were in the GT5 drift community back around the time it came out then you may already know me (I was the guy that used to drift that hot pink '88 Volvo 240 wagon with like 6 degrees of front camber). Never got into the drift scene on FM4, though.
As another member of Yakov’s AMS club (Alpha Motorsports) I can recommend our group as a perfect “get online whenever and find some people to race with” clubs. We don’t have any mandatory times to be on or anything, we’re just a group of guys that come from virtually every niche of FM4 players from drift to drag to race painters to tuners and we don’t mind helping folks learn the ropes of any aspect they’re unfamiliar with (like myself personally I’m a decent enough tuner with most types of true racecars and specialize in gearing setups but I couldn’t paint a car if my life depended on it lol).

These days I race my own custom-regulated R3/R2/R1 multi-class lobbies almost exclusively. It’s usually 4 classes split up into GT3, GT2, GT1/GTS, and LMP (limited to 1998 and newer so no Group C class killers allowed) that you can jump between at your leisure and they’re all raced simultaneously. Driving aids such as ABS/TCS and the braking line are forced off (makes those LMP cars a real handful sometimes lol), about 5-10 laps per race, and there’s a 1 second delay per car at the start to prevent first lap carnage. Surprisingly, I don’t really get any crashers or noobs that can’t drive; in fact, I’ve actually had a handful join that could even keep up with me in LMP without ABS/TCS (not trying to brag but most guys I run into cannot match my pace in an LMP with enough consistency to be competitive over the course of 10 laps).