Hey Forza, where is the promised option to paint calipers?

Don’t mean to be one of the whiny kids but didn’t they actually say they were going to add this option in the next update (don’t remember the exact words used)? That was during the November livestream.
Was really hoping it would be added in this month’s update. But hey… another month of playing for 30 min’s before switching to something with barely any flaws like RDR2.


Don’t think they announced that it was coming for sure yet … think they just said they were working on it for a future update.


Thanks for clearing that up!

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I’m hoping this along with other customisation updates are coming within the next four weeks or so. The only Ferrari i use at the moment is the 488 GTB because the calipers are black so it doesn’t clash with my custom paint job.

They said that it was almost done, then they realised that they had to recode all the cars for it to work properly. But it might still hapen sometime

I can’t remember the exact time figure they mentioned but it was something like it takes one person half an hour per car to make the changes needed to support it. So you’re looking at ~300 person hours of work, getting towards a couple of person months, which is a lot of resource for them to invest in that when there are other things that many users would probably see as more important.

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Its been pulled off the table, they are not working on it at the moment. They stated in a community stream it would take 600+ hours to update the whole roster and they have to put it on the backburner for now.

addendum If I remember correctly I they said it will happen at some point but just not now, I’d probably expect it for FH5.

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I’d like to see an option to paint door handles as well! Built a Motor Werks Racing Gulf Porsche 944 and the real car has orange door handles, but they have to stay black on the game!

Anyone have any idea if this is going to be a thing? Its been over a year since it was first mentioned, when they added the new wheels and paint options, but still nothing.
That is all.

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Same with the new wide body kits they said they’re working on. Wouldn’t mind just the FE wide bodies from FM7 tbh.
Instead of the same old repetitive updates adding new cars, how about an update focused on customization for the cars we already have?
We have enough cars at this point. Quantity of cars is not what this game lacks in. It’s customization.

It’s probably a good thing its been delayed, they just got back Toyota and all the big tuning shops in Japan released new bodykits over the last 3 months. I’m gonna submit a ticket with some suggestions this week hopefully someone actually sees it.

Calipers paint is not delayed, it won’t happen.

if some bodykits come it will be from cars they already had and did not release, I guess some toyota or lexus … cars that had already some kit in FH3. That the reason of the vague answer during the stream, there will be some body kits just, not the one you probably expect.

they stated it was too much work, won’t be done.

Understandable I suppose, a lot of work for something probably only a handful of people will appreciate! They could at least give the option for the race brake upgrade to retain the standard calliper colour? sometimes the bright red calliper is too much, especially on some of the older classics or if you are going for a sleeper look! I guess I’ll be keeping the brakes standard for a while longer then!

forever you mean because that team is dances, stuff, clothes, tracktor, forzathon, super wheelspins and eliminator.

Make yourself a favor, when time will come, don’t pre-order FH5.