Hey everyone looking for help

Hey guys/girls I have been playing forza sience forza 2 and no matter how much I practice or try I just cant design paints I would like to learn but in the mean time is there anyone who can design me a drift design and I know this should go in race designs but I am looking for more of a unique design I don’t want anything normal if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it so much and also any tips on painting would be great to I cant really find any designs to start out with (such as replicas) so any hints would or replicas I could try would help (for a newbie) thank you

I can help w tips if you like… Gotta start somewhere ya dig?

That’s fine with me if you don’t care could you find a decently easy drift replica I could try? iv looked for them but cant find any I think I could do and I can try it then you could give me advice on where I mess up

That’s cool I’ll PM you

JaCKa D3w,

I’m by no means an expert, but I can give you a few tips on painting that have really helped me out. These came from some of the guys here before me … so thought I could pass them down.

(1) When painting a car, only work on either the left or right side at a time. Don’t even look at the other side until you’re completely done with one side. Once you have a single side done, add a horizontal and vertical reference line (in a color that contrasts with your design so it’s easy to see). Copy the horizontal reference line onto either the front or back bumper … or both. Line it up with the horizontal line on the side so that it’s as close to even as possible. Copy the vertical reference line onto the roof and line it up with the vertical line on the finished side. Once you have a completed side and the reference lines in place … go to the empty side and choose New Layer > Insert All From Right/Left Side. Before doing anything else, right trigger to select all vinyls and vinyl groups you just copied over. With them all selected, re-position all the vinyls to line up with the reference lines on the front, back and roof. The copy process will sometimes line up perfectly on its own … but on many cars it won’t. Once everything’s lined up, remove all the reference lines. And … if you created any of your own vinyls with text, you’ll need to re-copy the vinyls from the original side because they’ll be mirrored backwards on the copied side.

(2) If you have access to Photoshop, that’s a tremendous help in accurately re-creating graphics and logos if you’re doing replica cars. Find images from the web of the car you want to do and load them into Photoshop. The reference grid in Photoshop is identical to the reference grid in the FM5 Paint Shop (larger squares divided into a grid of 16 smaller squares). Mirror your graphics in FM5 as closely as possible to the size, shape and position of the graphics in Photoshop. As for accurately matching colors, use the Eyedropper tool in Photoshop. Select a color from the graphic with the Eyedropper tool and Photoshop will grab that color. Pull up the Photoshop Color Picker. Use the values in the HSB section in Photoshop. Take the first number (H) and divde it by 360. Enter that fraction in the FM5 Color Fine Tune menu option under Hue. Enter the second and third fractions from Photoshop exactly as the FM5 Saturation and Brightness values. This trick will match the exact color from your image in Photoshop.

At this stage, I find it easier to do replicas because I have a picture to work from. Some of the actual artists here may be able to give you some better tips about creating original works from scratch.

Good luck and just keep practicing.

Wow I never knew the Photoshop was the same grid… Cool info… I just eyeball this stuff… Thx Wildcat