Here's an idea........

How about T10 ghost every car for the first whole or half lap of every online public race because it’s getting rediculous.

There is no enjoyment in spending time tuning your car for multiplayer only for a bunch of idiots to smash you off in the first few corners. It’s got that bad I just switch it off now.

There’s also the issue of people using hummers and land rovers, [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]? Why are they even in the game? It’s just a tool for trolls to ruin races.

This game looks excellent, I cant fault the effort, but it’s not enjoyable because it’s being ruined by idiots.


Have you reported the offenders?

this ghost for the first lap or even part of it suggestion has been up before…probably should be put in the wishlist though

it is a really good idea though

oh yeh report and block the offenders by clicking on their gamertag and sending the replay to the xbox live enforcement team

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The thing is I cant really report people for being poor? I’m not great, I have little time to enjoy my Xbox, since the days of Fm 4, but I know you don’t go hammering into corners, you give other people room and you don’t get mad when people overtake you.

The people who are out to just ruin in larger vehicles I do report.

i wasnt meaning report the ones that are just poor drivers , just the smashers that are deliberate out to ruin it

maybe go try racing in the ghost league

You’re right, you can’t and shouldn’t report people who just aren’t as good as you.

However ghosting people won’t necessarily stop the problem you describe. It may just mean more people make it through the first corner, second corner and on. Until you all of a sudden aren’t ghosted, then carnage ensues as everyone is on the racing line, cars are inside each other. It’d be like a time bomb once the allotted ghosted time clicks down boom chaos.

24 car lobbies on paper sounds great and in career works for me. Online it’s just a big ask for that many people to be able to try and get through the same corner at the same time. It only takes one inexperienced or over enthusiastic person heading in to a corner, first or otherwise and you have a domino affect of cars piling in to one another.

In earlier forza’s you could either lead from the front or hang back to avoid the chaos of the first turn - it’s just a little harder with so many cars on track at once.

Anyone who has followed formula one for the last few years will have seen Grosjean penalised for having a number of ‘racing incidents’ in his (first?) season - basically this is a driver at the top level of motorsport who is admittedly quick & I quite like the guy - but it took him a season or two to adjust to driving at that level of racing. There just doesn’t seem to me to be a reasonable solution for T10 to implement in terms how of to manage this situation.

Report the deliberate trolls as you describe and either the other guys will get better or get bored.

That’s my take on the online situation. Ghost racing is/ has been my choice usually when I’ve jumped in to some racing online - felt the same frustrations as you in ‘contact’ racing. The leagues are almost worse than regular multiplayer - at least in regular multiplayer you pick a car you know works for you. Leagues sometimes dictate the car choice to something you have in your garage which may not be tuned or built or driven before lol.

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Or they can make it easier for us to find similarly skilled and like minded players instead of forcing us to do matchmaking most of the time with randoms from every part of the world.


Now there is the gurkha things are getting very badly messed up
Poor fiat 500 that are getting crushed by people driving the wrong direction just to kill em
Thx blackpanthaa for giving this idea to the world
I don’t think that ghosting (is that a word??) will work
As it also takes away some of the fun trying to not get physical contact or get whiped off the track by another driver that I just as competive as you are .
I mean why even race against someone if you can just drive trough him and all the others its just not natural and hey if i drive against my sister she tries to wipe me off the track too, and its fun so
Just keep on reporting the gurkha drivers and hold on
People of forza plz make a special class for heavy cars as this is no fun indeed

I think all the leagues and races should be ghosted, cause the “everyone is a winner” mentality is not going to change, not as long as humans are the way they are!!!

I cant stand ghost races as there not really racing I like the whole thinking process to get round each corner and what’s the person ahead of me going to do what’s the person behind me doing

With ghost on I’ll just drive thur you so then it’s like doin rivals but with 23 ghosts what’s the point

this is an awful idea unless it is an option that can be turned on or off. Think of an organized league, has a qual session. Get pole, have a poor start but people just drive through that person instead of having to actually pass them which means the pole starter can not even defend their position. I dont mean by blocking, but just by the line into/through the first corner.

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This is why I race in the ghost lobbies!

How do you do this exactly? Because there is (stupidly) only one ghost race which is D class. I wish all classes had ghost race ability because I love this game and would like to play online but refuse to when the output of a race is pure luck and nothing to do with skill. This is because it solely depends on whether you get out of the first corner pile up or not. It’s ridiculous.

The few times I have avoided he pile up and eded up first it’s only a matter of time before you get rammed off again by some idiot who thinks it’s great to use a veyron in S class and can’t turn corners.

So unless Turn 10 decide to ghost option all online races I’ll be keeping offline forever.

I think leagues is helping as people racing are more equally matched and so there aren’t front runners a lap ahead and slower people a lap behind with a mess on the middle and no real close racing to be had. I think these leagues would be helpful if they were used in all online hoppers. And I agree I prefer proper races not ghosts. Ghosts are distracting when raving through each other.

The fix isn’t as easy as ghosting, it’s more to do with the mindset, talent and experience level of those racing. If you join a lobby that has a number of mature racers who know the basics of racecraft and how to go 2-wide around a corner, you will have a great time. If you end up in a lobby where people don’t have that skillset or mindset, you may get involved in more “accidents”.

Temporary ghosting will actually make the current situation worse as drivers will begin the race with a hotlapper’s mindset and approach to corners, and may struggle to switch to a “I must give space to another car” mindset when the ghost effect wears off. You either go all-ghost or no-ghost (which you can choose between in Leagues), not something in-between.

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I concur. No ghosting. I would be for ghosting cars going wrong direction.

People just don’t know how to race.

It’s like one of my kids saying “dad, the light green that means you should go right”. Uhm no. There is car in front of me and yes green means go but if the car in front of me doesn’t go then I don’t. It’s not about who’s at fault for the accident the goal is to not be in an accident

I’ve just come to expect that the 1st sector is going to be chaos. And the real race starts after that.

If your lucky you racing with someone up front ahead of the peloton of guys that don’t get it.

If your not you see how well you can skillfully avoid other misteps and make your way through the pack. Both are challenging and rewarding enough to do it

Real racing is in private lobbies with friends. But public racing is where you find new friends and see how a car / tune / build handle not on the hotlapping line. It’s skill unto itself


Cars going the wrong way are already ghosted.

I still maintain that one of the key reasons public lobby multiplayer is such a crashfest is because new players are ‘taught’ how to race by playing career mode. Tell me I’m wrong.


I think an easier approach would be if lobbies had roll off delays between cars, although this will give people who start first on the grid more of an advantage

According to the October patch notes this was supposed to happen, but none of the Leagues or Hoppers I have been in have had it implemented yet.