I used to play Forza 5 on my Xbox One but I sold it and I have now bought it back from eBay but the description said ‘No DLC included’ will I still be able to play Forza on my Xbox One because I already have everything installed?

U should be able to because the dlc is tied to your gamertag and cloud. I think that’s correct lol

You might want to give Xbox Support a quick call to get the proper method, but on the Xbox 360 if you moved to another console or a new hard drive, you needed to “move” (on the Xbox website) your DLC to re-download it to the new Xbox/hard drive. It was all fairly simple to do, but may not even be necessary with The Cloud situation on the Xbox One.

I would check with the official folks who are paid to help us with situations like this - Xbox Support - before trying anything you “think” might be correct or someone suggests.