I have lost all my designs on all my forza is there any way I can get them back or not?

well if you mean you lost your save and were’nt banned or anything, you can redownload any designs you’ve ‘shared’ from your storefront in the community tab of the pause menu

My hard drive got deleted so I lost all my designs for all the forza s I haven’t been banned or out so dunno if I can get them back now

Unless you still have a valid game save somewhere (Cloud or local) the items are gone. You cannot “retrieve” them from Shared files off the Storefront. That is a one-way street to Share - as in keep your own copy while putting a copy up for everyone to access.

not to argue but this isn’t true,unshared items are saved on your save,shared items are stored server side like leaderboard times,I speak from experience as I recently started over and was able to get everything back ive ‘shared’ from my storefront,

There is nowt there at all so dose any one know if a member of turn 10 could upload them back or something

Turn 10 cannot access a saved file which doesn’t exist, and cannot access our saved files at all to “retrieve” anything. As I said, if you have a valid game save (local or The Cloud) you should be able to use it and have the items saved there intact. If not, you’re out of luck.

As others have posted when they’ve mistakenly downloaded a “shared” item - even if they may have created it - it will be LOCKED and you can do nothing with it.

No it hasn’t saved to cloud or nowt Gess al just have to start agen then I surpose bummer lol

sorry bud,if you created anything in fm 5 ,6 or fh2 you could try to get those back thru importing them in the garage/designs and paints/my designs or vinyl groups.worth a shot

Checked mate but nothing there at all but thanks for the help