Help with XBox One - Multiple Users Attempting to use new Honda Pack

My BF and i have separate XBox User accounts and both play Forza. I told him about the free Honda pack and he downloaded it, getting access to a bunch of Honda Cars.

Under my user account, however, I do not see the Forza pack under “apps”, and when i navigate to the Add-ons in the store, the Honda pack shows it as “installed”.

Any way my User account can get access to the Honda pack?

The cars should already appear in the game. You should be able to open your gamesave, go to the Buy or Rent cars lists and select any of the Hondas included in the pack. Do you not see the cars in the roster? If you select one does the game ask you to download the DLC?

We’ve got 3 users on our XBox, all 3 of us are current on XBox Live Gold, I’m the only buyer of FM5 and its DLC’s. All cars including Hondas are available in the garages of all 3 players, but each of us has to “buy” them with our own in-game credit separately. And my garage is the only one with any tokens or gift cars, other than standard starter & all-user gift cars (a Ford Focus, a Hyundai, and I think maybe a Lexus Xmas car).