Help with wheelspins.

I was suspended on christmas eve (for no reason!) And i just got horizon 2 so now I cant go online but I can play story, I am wondering I went up one level and got no wheelspin, do you have to be online to get your wheelspin? I went from level 1 and 2 and nothing? Help! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

No idea. Play a bit more than one level and see? So on menu what tabs do you see?

Why were you suspended and what exactly do you mean by that?

Did you get a message saying you were suspended or banned or did XBL simply drop you and won’t let you on? If it’s the latter, there are XBL issues going on now and you can play but you must play in offline mode. This means things that rely on an XBL connection will not go through and register until that connection is restored.

If the offline mode is true, you will gain all of your wheelspins once you are able to connect back to XBL and play. Just make sure you pick the correct game save when it tries to sync.

Yes, like he said there ^^^ XBL was hacked due to a movie happening (thats what I assume) but why were you suspended?


When playing not connected yesterday wheel spins were not available until I was connected to live.