Help with Upload from Flickr iPad app

Hi all,

I have been posting in various forums on here, mainly the tuners forum. I have tried to upload my first picture via the iPad using Flickr URL and must be doing it wrong something wrong. I have looked at a few help posts and a couple of YouTube vids but still not sure what the problem is. Below is my process.

Take pic in game.
Save and share pic in game.
Open on this forum in gallery and save to iPad.
Upload to Flickr on iPad and make public.
Open pic in Flickr on iPad and press the ‘forward arrow’ at bottom right of screen.
Press copy URL.
Go to forum post.
Click on image icon.
Enter URL.

I have tried this again in this post so hopefully someone will be kind enough to tell me what I am doing wrong.

Toyota SR5

Thanks in advance.

Thanks WindsweptDragon. The process is not quite the same on the iPad but I will try and work it out from what you have done.