Help with upgrading cars in FH2?

Hey everyone!

So this is my first post and all and I need alittle help. Now I know this seems like a bit of a stupid question but I have no idea what to do with any of the upgrading in this game, or FM5 in a matter of fact.

So when it comes to upgrades I’ve notice you have sport? And race? Options on pretty much every upgrade. Now race is always better then sport but is there any advantage to sport? And when upgrading is it just which ever offers the best stats, weight, etc? I have no idea what to do with tires either, and does having bigger back tires then front cause problems? Or vice versa? Pretty much I would just like some basic knowledge on the whole upgrading part of FH2. :slight_smile:

Hey there MessedUpPancake,

No matter how you build it, tuning it is what makes your ride grip to keep hauling tail. The race parts give you more adjustment

I learned a lot during the FM5 September Challenge on Bathurst. I am a fair driver, but was never in the say, top 1000 or 10K at times (lol I know I suck). I was able to crack out a 2:28.612 with a bit of suspension set up. Took for ever for me to get below 2:30. FYI, you don’t always need race tires, stock and wider can work surprisingly well, leaving more points for other goodies.

In FH2 Tuners lounge, CAM1 Panda has a nice basic set up that works well. I tweak the caster and camber a bit more, but it works good. Here is the link

In FM5 look in the Tuners Lounge, find threads of 'Open Source Tunes… and copy what it says to do. Try it out, some are about dead on, but depending on your driving style you can alter the tune a bit. I tend to always go with the race trans just for the adjustment. Look for GENERAL SWIFT, OGR Moss, and gtFOOTw tunes, they work amazing. (And Kitty too). You can buy tunes, but you cannot adjust them.

SiloStv Hey, I have a nice little tune for the VW Bus V8 power, fast, grip and crazy fun.