HELP with the Ford Focus RS 2009

Hello all.
One of my favourite cars is the above mentioned Focus, it looks beautifull with the tire width addition but…
The handling is terrible i think its somehow bugged or just doesnt have the right phisycs.
I like the FWD build i know the AWD swap could solve my problem but i would like to keep FWD.
I drove other FWD cars in the game wich worked perfectly (understeer wich can be handle) but i cant tune the Focus properly.
Somehow there are oversteering and understeering effect similarly and my main problem is the oversteering, the car undriveable because in high speed corners the back of the car always sliding no matter what i do. I tried different things with the back of the car and the only working thing was the wing and big amount of downforce. Its like the setups (rolling bar, camber, caster, tire pressure, differential) dont have effect on the back and its not ok. These tunes shold have effect on the back so i am waiting for answers. Is it a bug?

i had luck with it in A class but that was awd. i’ll give it a go later with fwd.

what class you looking for?

Please share what upgrades you have on it so I can duplicate your build and try it.

You are not only one who have problems with that car. Even with awd that car needs wing and lots of aero and lots of other tuning to get that car cornering even decently in s1 class. There’s definetly something wrong with that car. I make it on rally car so oversteering is not harmfull.

I know this seems like a stupid question, but when building a FWD car, do you still upgrade the rear tire width? if you dont that will contribute to making the car oversteer. also, if you’re having oversteer issues then AWD would probably make them worse. if the oversteer is specifically when lifting off the throttle then increase the deceleration of the dif from 0% to like 30% or something and see if that helps, because that worked for me. if this is all stuff you’ve tried then sorry for wasting your time.

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ive been fidling with that too. There certainly seems to be something going on with that car. But i havent driven it yet in real life, so i dont know if its in the game or the car really is like that in real life.

also im not a very good tuner, that may have some effect

Yeah i also like the car, but even in AWD i fight like hell with it to keep in on the road. so just swapping to AWD may not fix your issue.

It’s super broken, worse than the JCW, Volvo 850, and '69 Fairlady Z.

It’s just a POS. Lol…l had issues with it, as well. Everything else l had handled my tunes well, but every time l made it back around to the 09 focus, it handled like crap. For some reason it kept oversteering. Come to find out, it was a couple of different things going on. All that being said, l’m glad l had issues with it. One of the problems was my differential. My overall setting, and my bias. My other cars hid the fact that something was off, but this nagging little Focus kept telling me something was off. I even auctioned it off at one point, l got my tunes right…or so l thought, bought another Focus…but still had issues. That was then. This is now. My Focus is tuned to death…for A class, but still a full second slower to 100 mph than my A class Escort barn find, so it rarely gets driven. Basically, it has to be dead nuts perfect to handle well, but then it’s still so average that it’s frustrating. The '03 is better imo. Better stats, and looks really close to the '09. It handles better, power/torque is better, and looks are basically the same. Same stance, different front clip, but the '03 has an aero hood option with carbon fiber induction. I use GRC cars to race S1(beetle and gymkhana) and my Escort barn find is my A class rally go-to(0-60 in 3.3, 0-100 in 7.7), but l’ve replaced my '09 with the '03 for my A class trail/backup car.

Ya’ll talking about the JCW too. It’s the differential. If you run any kind of diff bias on these cars, it better be perfect or you’ll get crazy throttle oversteer. Even on AWD, if your diff is too high, the front feels like it’s sticking to the road. The diff pulls you all over the place. Believe it or not, if your suspension is correct, including Ar bars, you don’t have to run diff bias. I run decel bias, but not accel, l can tune with accel bias, but you’re tuning throttle oversteer in at that point. Drop your car stats and l’ll run a tune for you.
I need:
Overall weight, weight distribution, first gear setting, and final drive setting.
Also, the springs will be in the 400-600 lbs/inch range. I tune my car springs at 15 pct total weight, find 15 pct of your weight, and if you don’t like that range, let me know, and l’ll adjust if you like stiffer springs, but l recommend 15 pct if you’re rally racing.

Its heavy because this is a little poblematic i love this generation of Focus RS the 5 cylinder turbo sounds amazing later i will try to tune after tune i send to store and you try it, AWD obviously will be weird apparently people dont noticed AWD as less agility than RWD/FWD but AWD swap keep the phisics of stock drivetrain but whit grip of AWD that why the best cars are RWDs whit AWD swaps like bone shaker viper and a lot of others

drive like you would in real life and they dont spin out
ive just taken the 2009 focus out for a drive in stock form FWD no upgrades with a joypad and taken corners at the usual speed ive not spun out
1 to 10mph is the usual speeds normal drivers take corners

i made tune its “A 800 FWD RACE” Its true i dont know why but the rear like to slide possible a bug i only seen this on RWDs, sadly i used weight reduction because is missing the option of sport tire the stock on this car is street but theres no sport tires for it i dont like to use weight reduction on FWD because you have less grip on acceleration but what called my attention is speed is bad 175 mph on a FWD with 6,7 handling, 456 HP, 426 of torque, 2684 LBS, its a lot of HP and torque on a light car this should get more

Every “big” hatch have problems, Focus 2003, Focus 2009, Megane 2010, Astra 2012 are all missing sport tires and Veloster 2019 is missing race suspencion