Help with online achievements

I’m currently trying to get all the FH1 achievements and some of them require multiple players. The achievements I’m talking about are below:

  • Wheelin’ ‘n Dealin’
  • Swings and Roundabouts
  • Cruise Club
    Is anyone interested in playing together to get those achievements? My gamertag is vicciu.

If you still need help, i’m in. Also need the cruise club one. The other 2 should be done in no time :slight_smile:

Looking for help with the win 10 rally stages in multplayer. I’m also willing to help others who need it as well.

I thought these servers were long since dead, and had no chance of 100% this anymore, but it seems it’s still possible!

Need to finish my last two achievements, cruise club and ghostbuster (10 free roam challenges and 10 rally wins)

Drop me a friend request, happy to help others with this!

Would anyone be able to help with cat and mouse and a few other achievements online like the “wheelin n dealin” “cruise club” etc because I’m struggling to get the 4 players required for the cat and mouse games